Other Ten Percent 5/9/12

May 09 2012

Writing this one up relatively early today which makes me think that maybe things are going to be genuinely productive today. Of course what the heck do I know? Oh wait, I know that there are all these links on the internet that you guys might be interested in. Woooo the internet.

The HOOD Internet…I apologize for that transition. I’m just excited that there’s a new Hood Internet mixtape and I love it by like the 10 second mark. Seriously. May be their strongest one yet though there are still odd missteps like the Kanye one where they do a bit that not only isn’t very effective but that Kanye already did himself.

In The Dumps
Maurice Sendak died and that sucks. If the rule of threes is in effect on this one the third is going to REALLY sting judging by the first two. Anyway here’s a comic with Sendak in it that’s the best thing I’ve seen about him today.

I really really want to figure out a way to make this video in continuity with Mad Men because it is amazing and hilarious. It’s also a great introduction to the sitcom Taxi.

British Game Shows: Pointless
The gaming arm of the AV Club has started to review British game shows and it’s shockingly engaging.

Technical challenges of running a high-scale “pill mill”
I find the actual mechanics of running a criminal empire to be much more interesting than all the money and violence which seems to be the only thing anybody THINKS I’m interested in. Stuff like this article and also the like weird Mexican drug subs are just so much cooler than a shoot out. I mean these guys had an illegal extra-governmental navy. Guys. Think about that for a second.

Abandoned Ellis Island – And How It Can Be Saved
Yet another awesome thing in New York you may never be able to see outside of Scouting NY unfortunately.

Wordless Web
Forget the Verge project where somebody goes without the internet for a year. I want to spend a year with this thing running in my browser.

The Ph.D. Now Comes With Food Stamps
Today in the crazy go nuts collapse of higher education.

Not going to lie, I think the target audience for this BLDGBlog post is like me, Haim and MAYBE Suzan. Still it’s my favorite thing that they’ve posted in the past six months because it’s just such a crazy specific concept.

Webcomics Roundup
XKCD Was good you guys. It was good and a Gilbert and Sullivan parody.

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