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May 07 2012

So how do you guys think Joss Whedon is going to handle having Scrooge McDuck fuck off money? I’d say he’d use it to finance some projects but quite honestly I can’t imagine that he doesn’t have a few executives at his door begging him to take their blank checks this morning. I suppose this is my long way of saying I really liked the Avengers but, as I told Jane on Friday, if I hated the movie it would be maybe the single most shocking thing that ever happened to me. Also it is getting late so super duper lightning round on the links today. I’ll be putting a bit more effort into this tomorrow but weekend links always leave me vaugely unenthused.

I know this would have been more appropriate on Friday but honestly I’ve got a lot of tequila and need something to do with it.

François Arago: the most interesting physicist in the world!
Lives up to the title.

Was not really expecting Sasha Frere-Jones to have the best commentary on MCA’s death but here we are.

AAirpass: American Airlines’s all-you-can-eat lifetime first class ticket, and what became of it
Man 1981 seems like such an innocent time if a major airline could have the idea of a lifetime pass for flights and not IMMEDIATELY go “that is the worst idea ever lets never do that.

Augmented Reality: Disney Touche’ haptics
The gestural interfaces using your own body as a surface thing has some cool potential applications.

New Politics, Ahoy!
A brief history of the pirate party.

Aerial view of Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion facade and ride-building
Man, how good do your presentation skills have to be for you to not notice you’re in a building that’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside?

The death of genre
This is a weird essay, especially coming from Stross, but just generally it’s bizarre to see something that looks exactly like a New Yorker essay on how serious literature is dying because it’s being embraced by people that do it wrong and don’t follow the established rules but applied to Science Fiction. I get what Stross is saying here about how Science Fiction’s status as an outsider genre actually gave it the freedom to play around and the structure to make some good insights but it kinda just seems like we’re using Sturgeon’s Law to pretend like you can’t do that with a popular genre. Yeah more sci-fi summer blockbusters are going to mean more crap sci-fi but so what, it’s not like that’s going to make it impossible for somebody to tell an interesting story. Don’t worry, people still won’t like good story telling most of the time even after the death of genre prejudice.

Design Fiction: Neri Oxman, “Imaginary Beings: Mythologies of the Not Yet”
Well then, generative 3D printed alternate universe biology. Why didn’t I think of that?

Information Graphics, a new book from Taschen
Putting a pin in this for myself for later really.

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