Other Ten Percent 5/4/12

May 04 2012

Man, so, I’ve been shutting up about it MOSTLY because I’m not seeing it until Saturday night so I’m trying not to build up anticipation for myself but the Avengers is getting absurdly good reviews. Even the negative reviews are like “this is the best job anyone’s ever done of making one of those huge superhero movies that are terrible and everyone should be smart enough to hate like me.” (Oh A.O. Scott never change.) Sadly looking forward to the Avengers is kinda the best thing about my night because 30 Rock, Parks and Rec AND Community were all sort of terrible tonight. Pluse it’s 10:30 and I just remembered I need to get to sleep at 11 and not midnight tonight. Not my finest hour. So hey, let’s blaze through OTP for the last time this week and then try to do better next week.

This is what it looks like to live “off the grid” in the United States
Holy shit these photos looked like somebody was remaking Willow at first or something. I didn’t really have time to dig deep into this story yet but the photos alone are amazing.

Tech Art: Evan Roth
“My relationship with technology is more a fascination with the people writing code. The hacker communities. I’m not talking about phone scandals and e-mail hacking. When I look at graffiti artists, I see hackers. I see a community of people who are making their own tools and subverting systems to tell stories.” Remind me to try and get away with saying stuff like that more often.

Slow motion skating
Guys, the most amazing thing happened! I gave a fuck about a skateboarding video.

Language Immersion for Chrome Teaches You a New Language While You Browse the Web
Okay so who’s braver/better at foreign languages than me and wants to try this out? My guess would be that Google Translates hit or miss ability to, you know, translate stuff, would make this tool more of a random annoyance than a teaching tool but, then again, I always sucked at foreign languages so what do I know?

Bad Lip Reading of the Day
The Bad Lip Reading guys took on Gotye. The craziest thing about this video is that when I went to look at the actual video it isn’t any crazier than this. In fact when the words make sense you just focus on how the video itself is batshit insane.

Augmented Reality: British Psychogeographic AR
Somehow I think this scheme’s only going to be interesting in 50 years when the data programmed to act like ghosts is actually a weird forgotten relic that pops up on whatever passes for a smartphone in 2062 and you flip out and actually feel haunted because what is this archaic old bullshit masquerading as AR? The ghost of futures past.

The iPhone: maybe the best thing for the blind since Braille
Huh. Gotta admit I always kinda thought the iPhone was just one big middle finger to blind people so I’m happy to hear I was wrong.

5 Scientific Explanations for Game of Thrones‘ Messed-Up Seasons
Still haven’t watched/read Game of Thrones. I just like thought experiments about how other planets would be different because they have two moons or whatever. There was an episode of Voyager once about a species that lived on a pulsar that was as typically terrible as you’d expect a Voyager episode about a species that aged really fast because they lived on a star that spun around super fast to be. Still, I kinda liked it just because I thought it was a cool idea for a planet. I am literally that easy to please in this one very specific way.

Cybercrime sucks (for criminals)
Criminals Need Marginal Costs Too: A Children’s Book for Economics Professors Who Hate Their Kids.

Architecture Fiction: Kickstarter Urbanism
Between this and Kickstricker (calm down it’s still a joke for now) I’m starting to worry that the crowdfunded future is going to create a world that operates in a way roughly analogous to YouTube. Which has a lot of advantages but also forces me to think about what the architectural equivalent of Rebecca Black’s Friday would be.

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