Other Ten Percent 5/2/12

May 02 2012

Well it’s now the second day of may which is considerably less exciting than the 1st and 4th and 5th of the month. I celebrated by only getting about 3 hours of sleep last night. How about you guys? What did you all do today? Oh wait I also found internet links. You guys still like those right?

Walk & Talk
Not the best scripted thing in the world but you never get over the “holy shit, West Wing reunion” long enough to really care. Also, some really good Sorkin digs going on up in here.

Missionary Church of Kopimism
This will never be an established religion of any importance but I want to visit the world where it somehow is because dogmatic obsession with sharing sounds like a kind of terrifying religious oligarchy.

DIY astrophotographers track spy satellites
So assuming that Kurzweil is totally wrong about everything and technological progress actually levels out over the next decade or two let’s talk about what a weird state of affairs THAT would be. Given that technology of almost every stripe tends to find its way into the civilian world at a decent clip (which we don’t notice or care about often because there’s always a new AMAZING thing the general public does not yet have access to) it wouldn’t be long until most technology is fairly cheap and in the hands of the general populous. I mean sure we don’t all have nuclear bombs and that technology’s been around for (relatively) forever but we do all have microwaves and really sophisticated camera technology and when the public has access to technology anywhere near government levels of sophistication, well, this happens.

The greatest films of all time
Roger Ebert releases his 10 favorite films of all time for 2012 and that really ought to be all I need to say to get you to click on this link. Just in case it isn’t however he also has a very intelligent reflection on what a “greatest films of all time” list really means when you’ve been reviewing films for as long as he has.

“Pony in the Trap”
The Hairpin comes through with the Nikki Minaj mashup you’ve all been waiting for. I mean I guess you all is just Jane and Tom Haverford but still.

Stephen King: Tax Me, for F@%&’s Sake!
During a May Day filled with a bunch of random white people destroying local business in the Mission because “gentrification” Stephen King shows up with one of the most well written and well reasoned arguments that shit is actually fucked and we could fix it SO EASILY that I’ve seen in years. I always feel bad that I kinda could give a shit about Stephen King’s writing career because he seems like a genuinely awesome guy and he’s had enough good ideas that the fact that I could take or leave his prose seems almost immaterial at this point.

Joss Whedon: The Complete Companion – Exclusive excerpt
Oh look, an entire book about Joss Whedon. I should probably go ahead and just buy this one right now on my Kindle shouldn’t I? I mean judging by this excerpt I’m going to be constantly annoyed that this book isn’t going to be displaying any insights into Joss Whedon’s work that anybody that’s gotten me drunk hasn’t been hearing for years but quite honestly there’s never been a better example of the internet creating something I’ve had the idea for and never actually made than this and I’m THRILLED.

Doin’ It In The Park, A Documentary About Pick-up Basketball in NYC
I somehow missed that there was a whole culture around this and it really makes me think that maybe there are huge aspects of sports that I’ve never really considered and probably should.

Head Games
Wait no I’m good. I mean I know “herp derp Malcolm Gladwell” but whatever you want to say about the guy you have to admit that he’s pretty damn good at making an argument once it’s blatantly obvious and “college football should probably be shut the fuck down” seems like an idea whose time has pretty much come.

“And The Big Buttercream Breakthrough”
Long time readers may remember my fascination with critical insistance that there’s a good show hiding inside of 2 Broke Girls. Well, that’s pretty much stopped now and basically everybody is ready to just EVISCERATE the hell out of it. Unsurprisingly Todd VanDerWerff does the best job of destroying the show and he does it by comparing the show to an all time classic that enough people don’t talk about: Taxi. You may think all time classic is a bit of an overstatement but you won’t after this article.

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