Other Ten Percent 5/1/12

May 01 2012

May Day, May Day we’re going down! Today was kind of a waste and I accomplished almost nothing and yet still the day got away from me and now I have to just write up links really quickly. That’s a shame because almost half of these are really interesting articles about the future but you’re going to have to read them this time instead of having me describe them to you. Sorry.

G-Rated Gender-Bending With Sexy Sheik
Once again the Hairpin brings the high quality video game coverage that nobody but me has been asking for. This time we discuss the gender and sexuality implications of that time Zelda dressed up as a dude and a lot of people were kind of into it and didn’t know what that meant.

SF Climates, Simple Weather App for San Francisco’s Many Microclimates
Woah holy shit the existence of this app is literally going to change my life. …I mean I guess that’s true of a lot of apps but I’m still INTENSELY interested in this thing.

Event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the mysterious Voynich manuscript
As always I will take any opportunity I see to remind people that the Voynich manuscript exists and that even the most pedestrian possible explanation for it (a hoax to get money out of some rich patron by faking a manuscript from a far off land) is fucking weird.

Where to eat in NYC?
I feel like OTP links are a good indicator of how much I want to visit NYC at any given moment. Nikki and I have been talking about how we kinda need to get out of town sometime soon. …Also here’s a lot of places to eat for you guys I guess.

The New Aesthetic and The New Writing
Nope, still not shutting up about it. Sorry. It’s still the future guys.

When Google Met Amazon: ‘Denial of Money’ Attack Born
If you think about it the denial of money attack has existed for years and is actually one of the biggest corporate security problems facing startups. Automating it sounds like a Charlie Stross bit though which is a nice coincidence since…

The Manfred Macx Media Diet
this exists. One of my favorite comics writers discecting one of my favorite sci-fi novels (available for free online!) by one of my favorite sci-fi authors in order to figure out what media consumption and commentary looks like in the weird future present world.

The Darkly Euphoric Tumblr
Somebody started a Tumblr of what happens when Bruce Sterling takes the brown acid.

A directory of wonderful sounds
And now, noises!

How Much Money You Need To Realistically Recreate The Scrooge McDuck ‘Gold Coin Swim’?
Woah woah. HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE. A Scrooge McDuck moneybin only requires $500,000? Why does anybody on earth need more money than that then? I mean there is literally no other good reason for the accumulation of wealth. I mean I know that’s just for part of the pool but COME ON. “Millions of people have enough money at some point in their life to have a Ducktales style moneybin but don’t get one” is my newer more succinct explanation of late stage capitalism. What are we doing as a society people? WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?

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