Other Ten Percent 4/30/12

Apr 30 2012

And with that April is totally done. Weird. Seems like just a few weeks ago that it was starting. Ah well at least May brings Avengers to look forward to along with Joss Whedon moving out of Avengers hype mode and into Much Ado hype mode. Also I found some links I thought you guys might enjoy when I was on the internet.

Historic Twitter Account of the Day
Finally one of these really seems useful to me. I thought the Titanic and Civil War real time twitter feeds were kinda fun but, let’s be honest, most of us know the timelines for those pretty well and if we don’t then there are better sources we could be checking out for that info. If there’s a really thorough timeline of the LA riots that goes into minute by minute detail like this then I don’t know about it…actually I’m 100% sure there is somewhere but Googling for it isn’t really showing a clear winner and in this day and age “I can’t immediately find it on Google” means there’s a niche that needs filling.

The Man Who Hacked Hollywood
So this is just an interesting article that gets to another surprisingly normal dude with super weird psychology that managed to hack a thing and thoroughly disrupt a system. So that’s why I put it here. I also find it fairly amusing however that in a story that is ostensibly about the life and times of a guy that’s hacked hundreds of celebrities the keywords “nude photos Scarlett Johansson” are included in the web address. Let it never be said that GQ doesn’t know where their bread is buttered.

Resurrected Web Series of the Day
Guys! You Suck at Photoshop is back! If you don’t know why you should be excited by that then GREAT NEWS, you have another 20 episodes of an amazing web series to look forward to.

Kubrick rides the NYC subway
Okay seriously, people are just procedurally generating OTP headlines for me at this point and it’d almost be insulting if it weren’t so awesome.

Street Art Documentary of the Day
Daily What basically took my only commentary on this with their headline.

Girls Invoke Emoticon Defense In Cyberbullying Case
I don’t really feel comfortable giving an opinion on the criminal liability of any of these girls until I’m WAAAAAY more familiar with the facts but I do kinda feel like throwing :) at the end of you saying something horrible is the internet age equivalent of “No offense but…” It’s a wrapper you put around being a total asshole to absolve yourself of any responsibility for your own words. I’m not against emoticons but “I hope you die :)” bothers me because even when it isn’t terrible mean girl bullshit it’s a horrible joke. It’s basically “You’re ugly and stupid ha ha just kidding” which has literally never been funny.

Will Sci-Fi Predict the Future of Play?
Anna Lee from io9 got interviewed about the future of games.

How to Leak to Gawker Without (Hopefully) Getting Caught
Okay first thing’s first: is anybody else bothered by the placement of that parenthetical? I kinda think it should either go before the Without or at the end of the headline but it’s current position bothers me to no end. Also, the actual article itself is good. While it’s positioned as how to leak information to a publication it’s actually just a good general guide for how to comment on something while retaining your anonymity.

Watch this ninja dog stalk a decoy wolf
Okay so this has literally nothing at all to do with science fiction but it’s incredibly none the less. Keep in mind that you’re going to need to have the sound on for it to be effective.

David. Words. Go.
I wrote another free games roundup and the Mario Brothers Summary one especially is worth your time.

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