Other Ten Percent 4/27/12

Apr 27 2012

Man it was a good week for the NBC thursday night comedy block this week. I mean the 30 Rock live episode was probably the weakest one and it featured the single funniest use of the gypsy curse that keeps John Hamm from saying no to a bit ever. Meanwhile Amy Poeler wrote AND directed Parks and Rec this week and it’s as awesome as you’d expect given that the last time she put pen to paper for that show we got history’s greatest animated gifOh man I totally forgot I’m supposed to be talking about internet links.

Really Good Books For People Who Are Reading a Lot of Articles About Girls
Guys I tried to watch the second episode of Girls and I…couldn’t do it. It was like watching Freaks and Geeks but with way less time in between the painful memories and the show that’s ostensibly hilarious because of how “exaggerated” things that I could have literally transcribed and put on television are supposed to be. That being said I still think it’s a GOOD show just now one I can actually bring myself to watch. So instead I just read articles about it and I guess now I’ll be extending that to books as well.

To do in NYC Friday: see Space Shuttle Enterprise fly overhead
And now you’ve got evening plans for your hot space-date. All you need to do is find a hot space date by this evening. Also I guess you need to go to New York if you’re not already there. You know this is actually starting to seem like maybe not a viable universal plan for everybody’s evening. SORRY.

Finding Portland, A Time-Lapse Film Made From Over 300,000 Photos
Somehow despite several friends moving there and sketch show I quite like thats set in the town this is what finally makes me decide that I should probably go ahead and visit Portland before too long.

The Los Angeles riots: Inspiration behind a culinary upheaval
The untold story of the relationship between food and the LA Riots. I’ve made a lot of jokes at Gallatin’s expense over the years but if any of my non NYU friends want to know what going to an interdisciplinary program was actually like when it was actually doing what it was supposed to do it was basically like this.

Craigslist Ad of the Day
All Craigslist ads should start with “Jesus Tap Dancing Christ.”

Vintage 1960s Batman TV show photos
You know when I was a kid I always hated the old Batman show because 1) it didn’t treat Batman seriously enough and Batman was clearly SERIOUS BUSINESS and 2) Whatever station I watched it on would play all the episodes out of order (this seems to be fairly common since there was an AV Club article that talked about this not long ago) so the plots made even less sense than they would have otherwise. I’ve kind of come around to the show however for a lot of reasons most of them being, basically, “it’s fun.” That should be fairly obvious when you’re looking at these photos.

Showtime: Miguel Aragon, “A Flight Through the Universe”
Obviously the real point of that link is the embedded video but I do love that Bruce Sterling casually explains why we shut down manned space exploration in one sentence and doesn’t even seem to realize it: “Imagine if you actually got out there and, compared to the visualization, it was a little disappointing.”

New Mucha Foundation website
Oh hey look. It’s a super pretty website for art that is also super pretty. That seems like it might be of interest to some people I know.

The Investigative Dashboard: Hacking Crime and Corruption
I tossed out the idea on Facebook a few months back for something a little more formal and limited than this as a way to fight juking the stats by getting self-reported crime statistics from actual citizens and comparing them to crime data released by the city. I was, of course, way too lazy to try and make that happen myself but I’m glad to see that somebody else is taking a shot at making something that would allow average citizens to use their knowledge of their city to fight corruption. I feel like by not doing this and letting somebody much better than me handle it I’ve already done my civic duty. What do YOU plan to do to help your nation?

Webcomics Roundup
NEW PLAN: My avatar image everywhere on the internet just needs to be the last panel of the latest Dinosaur Comic. Hell it shouldn’t even be that hard considering I can already download the source code for the Dinosaur Comics generator I just need to figure out a way to isolate panel six and search for the newest one and then throw that onto a server. WOOOOOOOOOOO computer science.

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