Other Ten Percent 4/26/12

Apr 26 2012

Guys it is Wednesday. That’s…that’s all I’ve got. I really wish that either in my day or in my explorations on the internet I came across a better way to transition into the links than that but sadly I don’t have a damn thing to make the intro work.

Slow Jam The News with Barack Obama: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
I can’t really find anything to add to the discussion of this that you’ve missed but it’s…it’s weird right? Like it works and it’s hilarious and I love that it happened but it’s such a weird cultural moment.

Descriptive Camera by Matt Richardson
Meanwhile, I fucking love this but it also uses mechanical turk so ummm….hey isn’t it weird how we effectively have slaves but we never really think about that? no? Okay well enjoy this project then.

Timothy Ferris on the Voyager probes’ “Golden Record”
I wrote a sci-fi story once where the voyager probes passing into interstellar space marked the moment where the galactic republic allows us to hang out and the Fermi paradox is solved. Anyway that’s…maybe the best hope we’ve got at this point?

Lonely Highways in the Land of Jail
On Foucault and a journey into Death Valley.

Meanwhile, on Williamsburg bars I would like to go to the next time I come into town.

The Best Police Scanner Twitter You Aren’t Following
Meanwhile let’s take a moment to add this to what we’re following on Twitter because it’s going to go super well.

New York Live Cams
A lot of these feeds kind of suck in practice but I’m really glad that this list exists because the ones that work are awesome. Also it’ll take the edge off if I don’t make it back to NYC any time soon.

A Poster That Changes the Song on Spotify When the Poster is Struck
This is today’s brilliant project that I’m sad that I didn’t think of.

Leviathan: graphic novel of a gigantic cruise ship lost at sea for 20 years
Oh man I want to buy this like woah. How did I not already know that this comic exists?

Ordinarily I would give approximately zero fucks about any article that featured the phrase “peak plastic” but Debbie Chachra is a straight up brilliant human being that I’ve been following on Twitter for a few months and NO REGRETS.

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