Other Ten Percent 4/25/12

Apr 25 2012

Blarg. I am not super enthused about these links today but I also didn’t have the wherewithal to just blow off all the links and write up a weird off-format OTP instead. So here we are with some links I’m not really thrilled by and no choice but to dive right into them. Luckily I am at least a fan of the first one.

A Night With the World’s Most Hated Bands
Chuck Klosterman goes to see Nickleback and Creed and discusses why they’re so easy to hate despite the fact that millions of people seemingly love them and come to their shows every night. It’s a good, balanced piece about a topic that could easily descend into boring hyperbole about how 2 bad bands are the worst thing to ever happen or how music fans are terrible for not liking bands that are pretty much objectively kinda shitty. Instead it doesn’t do either and is much stronger for it.

How Can I Recharge My Depleted Motivation?
How how? Oh, just don’t do…any of the things I’ve been doing for the last few months. This explains a lot.

High-stakes one-shot Prisoner’s Dilemma on a British game show with an astounding strategy
The strategy is brilliant enough just watching it but then the Schneier description of what’s going on somehow makes it even better.

Behind the Scenes of the Day
And now, a six minute mini-documentary on creating compelling title sequences.

A 7-year-old now has his own television show: Axe Cop is coming to TV!
So I can’t get too excited by just a headline but I am excited BEYOND BELIEF that there is going to be an Axe Cop TV show. Finally there’s going to be a show where the lead’s catchphrase is “I’m going to chop your heads off.”

Flash Mob of the Day
Meanwhile, at the spontaneous outpouring of 90’s pop-culture.

Vintage photo-portraits remade as superheroes
My new favorite option in the world of “vintage portraits remade as x.”

Archaeoacoustics reconstructs the sound of Stonehenge
Science: still awesome.

Meteor Explodes Over California
Space: still terrifying and also awesome.

Webcomics Roundup
Nikki is insistent that I should make the last panel of today’s Dinosaur Comics into my avatar on every site I go to online. I’m thinking it might be more family crest appropriate but maybe that’s just me.

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