Other Ten Percent 4/24/12

Apr 24 2012

Ugh. I am frustrated because I am trying to code a thing and it is not working. I can’t figure out how to get the…you know what the problem is both frustrating and boring so you’re really not going to care. The important thing is that I don’t feel like failing to do something I’m pretty certain has a really basic and obvious solution I’m just not considering and so I’m writing this up instead. In more positive news the M83 was probably the best show I’ve seen since I got out to SF. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much of a crowd dance that much in SF. That much of a crowd being “like 80%” and that much dancing being “at all.” Also they had a guest Saxophonist for Midnight City which was as awesome as you might expect. LINKS!

Photos: Lost Horizon Night Market in San Francisco
Ummmmm why was I not told about this because it is AWESOME and somebody really should inform me of awesome things BEFORE they happen so I can actually go to them.

Ron Swanson wants to be Fantastic Four’s Thing. Make it happen, Hollywood!
Speaking of things somebody should have told me already. DROP EVERYTHING because Ron Swanson would be the best thing to happen to Ben Grimm since he started dating a blind girl. NERD JOKES THAT SOUND WAY CREEPIER WITHOUT CONTEXT.

What It’s Like To Be a Dog Toy
Cameras are still everywhere and it’s still having super weird effects on what and where we’re filming things and I’m still weirded out that nobody’s talking about it. Are there like whole conventions about this that I’m not invited to? Did we just get board with discussing surveillance without getting all huffy about George Orwell and I missed that meeting? Seriously people we’re doing short videos from the point of view of dog toys. We’re a hop skip and a jump from living in a world where basically every object has a camera in it and you can just review what life is like from each door in your house or something. Of course it’s not like this is a life or death development or anythi…

Quadrotor Equipped With A Machine Gun
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Wait sorry this is just a proof of concept I guess I can calm down now that I remembered that only the incredibly trustworthy militaries of the world have helicopters that can just fly around and kill people with no direct human intervention. Wow that came out as way more “hurp derp military industrial complex” than I meant. I just meant that the machine gun equipped helicopter robot cat has shot its way out of that particular bag. And by bag I mean “incredibly strained metaphor.”

First Listen: Santigold, ‘Master Of My Make-Believe’
You know, I’d kind of thought of Santigold as the reasonable successor to MIA until I read an interview with her a month or two back that made her sound like she was 3 good reviews away from taking credit for the Arab Spring or something. That kinda tempered my expectations for this album quite a bit but now that I’m listening to it it’s really working for me. I mean it still sounds like a Santigold album but you can really here the Diplo and Karen O on here much more prominently. Basically if you actually liked that Disparate Youth single you’ll really enjoy basically everything on this album.

Lincoln’s idiot bodyguard got drunk in the same bar as John Wilkes Booth the night of the assassination
See this is why I hate “it’s impossible to change the past” stories because if you actually look at history it is INCREDIBLY EASY to change it’s like a butterfly wing away from accidentally changing itself all the damn time. I want to live in the universe where John Wilkes Booth got too blasted with Lincoln’s bodyguard to manage the assassination.

The Cabal: Valve’s Design Process For Creating Half-Life
I actually got this link as part of Valve’s insane/awesome new customer handbook but even though it’s actually about the minutia of game design much more I think it’s a way better argument for a zero-hierarchy organization than the handbook is since it concentrates on results and the handbook kinda reads as “so you find the idea of being self-directed totally terrifying now that you think about it?”

MIT Hack Turns Building Into a Giant Playable Game of Tetris
Ugh I wanted to do something like this at SFSU but with Donkey Kong and a…you know what? Not important. What is important is that this thing is AWESOME.

Inadvertent art-photos of the Soviet-era Czech secret police
Yeah when I talk about how a ubiquitous surveillance future isn’t going to end up playing out like 1984 this is the sort of weird stuff I’m talking about. Obviously I’m not itching to live under the thumb of the Czech secret police or anything but even a terrible totalitarian surveillance state ends up creating a lot of weird side effects with their cameras.

Webcomics Roundup
God is being a dick to T-Rex again and is forcing you to re-evaluate your certainty in linear time.

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