Other Ten Percent 4/23/12

Apr 23 2012

Hmmm I thought I saved a few extra OTP links on Friday morning in a Markdown document and now for some reason I cannot find it. Ah well, that just means newer links for you anyway. I’m getting ready to go see M83 in a few hours with Nikki and after Jane was telling me how awesome they were at Coachella I am super excited. Also that somehow morphed into the most hipster sentence I have ever written about halfway into it and I have no idea how that happened. Also, look here, links from the internet.

The Secret Life of a Society Maven
Okay so this is fascinating in addition to being a really great piece of journalism. I kind of can’t help but think (as is my wont) that this is a sign of things to come where you report the story incompletely and then create a narrative around what is, in effect, a corrections piece. One of the weird things about the This American Life where they corrected the Mike Daisy story is the weird tension between wanting to be an old-school journalistic organization that provided you with accurate information and wanting to sort of transparently communicate as people. Honestly I sorta wish the whole thing didn’t make them pull back from being a weird off-model journalistic enterprise as much as it seems to have since for every Mike Daisy that’s the dark side of that plan there’s a story like this that really shows what you can write when you’re open and transparant about the fact that you don’t actually get the facts right every time.

Seed of Yggdrasil: nifty 3d-printed sculpture based on Celtic-style knot in Norse mythology
Man this is a fantastic example of what 3D printing brings into the world because there’s 5 or 6 levels on which this thing is unmanufacturable. Like lets not even talk about how difficult it would be to produce traditionally and focus instead on how insane it is that we live in a world where there’s a boutique market for norse mythology inspired art objects you can hold in your hand.

Robert Caro has a really long Johnson (biography)
Mostly just putting this here so I can include a four volume biography of LBJ on my reading list of books I will never actually even sit down and start.

‘Wired’ Targets Maker Movement With Online Design Vertical
I’m not sure quite what to make of Wired’s Design blog yet so I’m glad somebody else wrote a story about it I could just link to. I’m kinda confused by the blog itself but I’m not sure if that’s my fault or theirs. At first I kinda thought all the design blog I needed from Wired was Bruce Sterling’s writing at Beyond the Beyond. Then, looking at the actual stories coming out of Wired Design I realize it isn’t actually a design blog at all so much as a weird refuge for 3 or 4 different lifestyle blog parts of Wired that…don’t seem to really want to hang out together yet. Then I decided it was kinda just OTP with a really great layout and better writers. Then they published this and now I kinda just don’t know what to think.

AnonPaste: anything-goes, zero-knowledge version of PasteBin, hosted by some Anons
I feel like this is the 3rd or 4th really fascinating project out of Anonymous I’ve seen in the past month that I would not touch with a ten foot pole. Like oh yeah, sure, I’ll use a file sharing service hosted by Anonymous to download some stuff. I can’t imagine how that could POSSIBLY go wrong.

First Avengers Reviews: Best Superhero Movie Ever?
So it’s kinda still too early to say if the Avengers is going to be rad but good early reviews are much better than bad early reviews.

Rotobooth, A Rotary Phone Photobooth
So I can’t decide if I like the world where this is just alternate universe instragram better or worse.

Women and Video Games: An Interview With Meagan Marie
Hey so, Hairpin, stop writing stories that I want to write about video games. I mean you are already writing stories I wish I wrote about all sorts of other things. Just give me this one.

iRobot Dancing Videos Features NONSTOP & Marie Poppins
People dancing like robots promoting robots cleaning like people.

Planet Earth, narrated by kids
Meanwhile in the world of hilarious and adorable things…

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