Other Ten Percent 4/20/12

Apr 20 2012

Guys I’ve got to say I am REALLY digging Markdown so far. I mean the ability to have links
work sensibly is sort of a goldmine and I haven’t actually figured out how to do the formatting stuff
go as well as I’d like it to yet. That may be a project for another day however for now it’s
nice just to be able to compose something outside of chrome and not have to spend another
5-10 minutes dealing with all the finicky crap around making it all work when I copy/paste.
Also I found you guys some internet links.

Parks & Rec’s Nick Offerman Reads The Tweets of Young Female Celebrities Like a Man
Jane thanked me for a link from yesterday’s OTP and I would like to thank her for this because it is, in fact,
glorious. I think my favorite one is involves the crazy socks party but basically all of them are amazing.

101 Spectacular Nonfiction Stories
You know, I was just thinking to myself that I wasn’t wasting nearly enough of your time. Thank God
this link came along to let me monopolize every waking moment of your day for the next few weeks at least
with stuff that you found through OTP. Speaking of tremendous time sinks…

Generation Generator (New Aesthetic)
You probably thought that the first two 5000 word essays were going to be enough but NOPE
Bruce Sterling is still laying out the amazing New Aesthetic truthbombs on the regular. my favorite from this edition:

For New Aesthetic fans, I would particularly recommend the work of Marius as “artist in residence” at MakerBot. In this compelling and very contemporary incident, Marius dropped by the crowdsourced plastic-oozers, input some of his algorithms, and output some severely weird solid lumps of whateverness.

The man who gave away 1,000,000 gold
I continue to be fascinated by the WoW economy and you continue to have no way to stop me except pretending like these links never happened in the first place. I sincerely hope that you don’t do that with this story
because it’s so fascinatingly bizarre. A recent WoW patch gave you the ability to transform your equipment
to have the appearance of any other piece of gear you have while keeping your stats. I know that
doesn’t sound all that exciting but the WoW community went CRAZY for it because it was a way to customize
their characters. The problem is that you actually had to HAVE the gear you wanted your gear to look like
and some of that stuff was pretty hard to come by because it only drops off of relatively low level enemies
and there’s no reason for high level characters to wander by and kill these random mobs in the hopes that
they’ll drop a random piece of gear with shitty stats. Only now suddenly there IS a reason for That
and this guys makes a KILLING buying all that gear incredibly cheaply before the change came in and then
selling it for literally thousands of times the price he bought it up at. There are so many weird/awesome aspects
to this story from the fact that he actually likens it to buying art (and makes a compelling case that
that’s what it is) to the fact that the guy made an absolutely absurd amount of money in game and then
just gave it all away because he was just doing it to prove a point. Honestly you kinda owe it to yourself to
at least take a look at this. Feel free to ask me what the hell I find interesting about this if it’s too WoW
specific. For more on the day to day of running a fashion business in an MMO check here.

A history of The Huffington Post
After that last one it’s nice to have a link that just does what it says on the can. The
most thorough examination of the history of the Huffington Post you’ll ever need.

You’re the Guinea Pig: Experimenting with Your Sleep and Dreams
You know, sleep tracking is basically the only form of self quantification I’ve never even tried.
Has anybody else ever given it a shot? Is it like…at all helpful?

Early Bird Special
I am glad to say I don’t ever have to deal with any of this at the gym…possibly because I am the first guy?
I dunno SF gyms have their own brand of weird going on that I still can’t quite wrap my head around. Less meathead and more random people just standing in front of machines and staring at them so you can’t use them for like 10 minutes while the speakers are blaring really terrible funk.

Covering Lolita
I think I may have mentioned this competition but I don’t think they had the winning entries
picked out the last time we were discussing all of this.

5th Ave Frogger Uses Real Cars, Spares Frogs
Today in “why didn’t I think of that and, also, why are they not releasing a web-based version of this game?

Webcomics Roundup
Anthony of Nedroid fame has some great ideas for what you could do if your best friend was
a ghost

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