Other Ten Percent 4/18/12

Apr 18 2012

Sorry but this is going to be a hyper speed OTP because I’ve got to run off to dinner with Jane in….literally like ten minutes. IS IT EVEN PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE FOR ME TO WRITE AN OTP THAT FAST?

Things Don’t Seem Wonderful If You’ve Seen Them All Your Life (1912)

Lacy, laser-cut seaweed sheets
The New Aesthetic, now with more sushi!

3 Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Learn Markdown
Woah holy crap. This is like the 14th “you need to learn markdown” story that has had big nebulous boring reasons I don’t give a shit about but this one ACCIDENTALLY included one that makes life so much better. I had no idea that markdown handled links as [a thing in brackets] [1]

[1]: this is the link from that thing up there.

You have no idea how much easier that would make my life and how much more sense that makes as a way of organizing links while you’re writing. Only actually you probably do because I think basically EVERYBODY writes, knows where a link should go but continues writing with plans to add it later, and then goes back and adds the links at the very end. With Markdown that plan ACTUALLY WORKS GREAT. Amazing.

Just re-launched: Collabfinder
Get in on this now before the obviously unenforceable “do not use this for business or networking BS” rule breaks from being so obviously unenforceable.

A Little Perspective on the Universe
Meanwhile in the 80s sci-fi future. Cool stuff happens. Also this is like the ur-hairpin music video article and I love it.

Headscratching ‘New Aesthetic’ puzzle of the day: are microscopes ‘New Aesthetic’?
Nope it’s that thing I’ve been talking about called “cameras are everywhere so we’re filming weird shit and it’s weird.” Clearly I need a shorter name for this and a related Tumblr, STAT.

Publishing with iBooks Author
Yo dawg we heard you liked e-books so we made an e-book about making e-books so you can e-book while you e-book. Also, it’s free.

Put This On Season Two, Episode 2: Eclecticism
Totally forgot to post this when it came out. The part about Thrift stores is pretty awesome.

Gorgeous Twin Peaks-inspired art exhibit wants you to Fire Walk With Me
Oh man I was all ready to be upset that I couldn’t physically go to this so this gallery of all the art from the show makes me super duper happy.

Webcomics Roundup
Not even really a webcomic I guess but this is probably the single greatest commentary on holo-tupac I’ve seen on the web.

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