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Apr 17 2012

So, confirmed: Cabin in the Woods is incredible and you should go see it right now. It’s the horror movie that says basically everything about the genre I’ve ever wanted to say but way smarter than I ever could have managed because…Whedon. I have longer-form thoughts about the whole thing but I want to give more people a chance to see it first and I’m not totally sure what the proper venue is for discussing it yet. Still batting that around. For now however I’ve got some links I think you guys might enjoy.

First episode of HBO’s Girls on YouTube
Oh hey, this saves me having to suggest you *cough cough* “find a way” to watch this because it’s really good. I like the extended Sex and the City riff in the pilot episode here both because it’s incredibly funny and because it really foregrounds the show’s strength of actually having a relatable cast of female characters that actually act like real human beings. In fact, if I didn’t think it was missing the point (and I hadn’t just seen Cabin in the Woods) I’d much rather play “which of my female friends is like which character on Girls” than the Sex and the City alternative.

How SEO software is changing the way we read and write
I was trying to articulate this around some of the New Aesthetic stuff because I actually think it’s a great example of the weird form of communication with machine intelligences we’re already seeing in the world today. I’ve grumbled about the audience at PCWorld more than once but the truth of the matter is that my audience is actually the Google-bots that crawl all over my story and determine if they’re going to promote it in Google News or not. Not exactly sure what that all means yet but that’s not my job…that’s Bruce Sterling’s job. Speaking of…

Still FREAKING OUT !!!!! (New Aesthetic)
Man, if you want a summary of all this stuff that headline does a pretty good job. Also if you wanted to see Bruce Sterling provide the single most insightful commentary on MIA since the truffle-fry order heard round the world then you’ve come to the right link because that piece spends about 500 words on MIA’s love-affair (metaphorically) with Jullian Assange and what that represents in the New Aesthetic.

Scouting NY at the Soho Apple Store – Free Event!
I’m going to be busy seeing the girl from Tune Yards playing a soundtrack she composed for a silent movie at the Castro theater (Score is SF- 1 NY- …Shut-up New York) if you cannot do that for reasons of being on the wrong coast however this seems like a pretty damn cool consolation prize.

Frank Lloyd Wright + Katniss Everdeen
Again, considering how little the film itself seemed to really dig into the aesthetic considerations of the dystopia it was showing I’m kinda weirded out by the number of blog posts I’ve seen about the design of the Hunger Games world but I guess post-apocalyptic dystopian design paper beggars can’t be choosers.

The Watchmaker, A Short Film About a Watchmaker in Brooklyn
If nothing else this profile is really damn pretty.

Valve: How I Got Here, What It’s Like, and What I’m Doing
So this morphs into like 3 separate really interesting essays during the course of the whole thing and ends with me really wishing I had a resume to work at Valve so I could take them up on their offer but I think the part that will be relevant to almost everybody’s interests is going to be the middle third where they describe the just plain weird management scheme at Valve. There isn’t one.

Showtime: Golden Age — Somewhere
Also there’s more New Aesthetic stuff. Even I’m getting slightly bored with the visuals here at this point but I kinda gotta get it out of my system until I make peace with it in some way like I have with AR.

Tupac Resurrected at The 2012 Coachella Performing With Snoop Dogg HD
Yeah okay let’s talk about the Tupac hologram because basically everybody else is. First of all this is a great rorschach test to see who just wants an excuse to bitch about how technology ruins everything because this is not “dishonoring the memory of Tupac in a crass and uncaring way” this is “dishonoring the memory of Tupac in a crass and uncaring way part CCVXXII: now there’s lasers.” I get why it’s more in your face than previous examples but It’s not like anybody is stupid enough to not know what’s going on here (I mean, stoned enough MAYBE but if we let what stoned people believe dictate art…actually there are too many jokes here just fill in the blank.) so at the end of the day it’s just a really elaborate special effect. I’m honestly more interested than disgusted because I’d like to know what the end state of all of this is. It seems like this can’t ever really expand past being a gimmick for several reasons and yet I kinda want to live in a world where there are hologram concerts of dead artists because if we’re going to have a nostalgia culture I sure as hell want it to be as batshit crazy as humanly possible.

Webcomics Roundup
There is a new dinosaur comic that is kinda immaterial when compared to the news under it which is that Meridith Gran, the webcomic artist/writer responsible for this piece of brilliance that I posted last week, has been hired to write an Adventure Time spin off comic ABOUT PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM JOINING MARCELINE’S BAND AND THE TWO OF THEM GOING ON ADVENTURES. AND THIS NEWS IS SO EXCITING THAT MY CAPS LOCK BUTTON HAS GOTTEN STUCK AND I AM SO SO SORRY YOU GUYS.

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