Other Ten Percent 5/20/10

May 20 2010

Welcome to 5/20/10 everyone. My roommate was seriously playing Ricky Martin a minute ago. I was kinda too floored to be annoyed. Anyway I’ve got a lot of packing and writing left to do so I’m going to get right to links.

*Blimps* *Apple*
iPad Controlled Blimp Shmoozes With Partygoers
Suddenly I actually want an iPad.

*Space* *History*
Disco Spacesuit, 1977
Quick, somebody go back in time and make David Bowie name one of his albums “Disco Spacesuit, 1977.”

*DIY Tech* *Comics*
You Built What?! A Real Iron Man Suit
Okay so I just already find this awesome because I’m a nerd but I also love that the comments have this weird war going on about what a douche this guy is. Which maybe he is, I unno. But mostly it seems to stem from the different mindsets coming to bear at the intersection of cosplay and DIY scenes. DIY is all about sharing information and helping everybody out and doing stuff for the prestige of doing it. Cosplay stuff meanwhile is super competitive and full of SEEEECRETS that nobody wants to tell each other. So this guy is like bringing DIY techniques but acting like a total cosplayer and pissing everybody off. Yay subcultures!

*Architecture* *History*
A Pile of Modest, Traditional Houses Stretching into the Sky
Yay for this.

*Spycraft* *Lie Detection*
Like Most Junk Science that Just Won’t Die, the Polygraph Stays With Us
Oh man this is an awesome story. Double agent for Russia who passed two polygraphs sends in a smarmy letter about how much polygraphs suck.

*Architecture* *New York*
The Animal Building on East 67th Street
I feel guilty every time I post Scouting NY entries BUT THEY’RE ALL SO GOOD.

*Alternate Universes* *Urban Planning*
Photos From an Alternate Dimension: Pedestrian Friendly Los Angeles
I skipped over this yesterday because the photos are actually kinda dull if you ask me, but the framing that io9 put on it made it super interesting to me.

*Cartoons* *History*
Bart Simpson’s Blackboard
I actually find this interesting for the archives in the back half than because of the project that inspired the post.

*Space* *Aliens*
Today We’ll Find Out if Aliens Hijacked Voyager 2
I am going to go ahead and predict that they didn’t because even if I’m wrong it will be hilarious and awesome that I dismissed it the one time it was actually aliens.

*Film* *Geography*
Paramount’s Geographical Facsimile Map of 1927
I like that Switzerland and the Swiss Alps are like 500 miles away from each other.

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