Other Ten Percent 4/6/12

Apr 06 2012

Well folks, I put this off until way too late and so now I’m afraid this is going to be a lightning round with some fairly short commentary so I can get to sleep at a reasonable hour. I promise not to make a habit of it. Anyway, here are links from the webs.

The Toy Fair
I have no idea how I missed this Hairpin post yesterday. Actually, I do. I usually skip over the art ones because they’re really hit or miss. This one is a hit though. Dear God is it ever a hit.

Flux Machine
#newaesthetic #tumblr #animatedgifs #deargodwillievershutup

Augmented Reality: Archifon 1 virtual musical instrument
Dear sweet merciful lord. I cannot wait to see the Disney World ride that works off of this technology. Who am I kidding Disney will never catch up with the weirdness of the AR scene before somebody figures out a way to monetize this and put it in your house. I will be thrilled on that day by the way. It’ll be so much radder than the Google AR glasses.

Might as well face it, you’re addicted to games
Yo Dawg we heard you like Video Games so we put a video game in your video game article so you can play video games while you read about video games. For a more exacting version of that Meme you should know that somebody emulated Minecraft within Minecraft and also you can play Bejeweled in WoW…I may have mentioned those facts before. Sorry if so.

Bending Sounds, Short Film of the Sights & Sounds of the NYC Subway
Hey so this video is okay but I don’t want to talk about it that much. Instead I want to talk about the one specific shot they’ve got of the walk between the BDFV and the 123 lines on the 6th ave stop and how you can easily tell the month they shot it from the ads on display. Here’s what I’m wondering though: could you tell the day? Like I wonder if I could go into the records of whoever sells the ads for the MTA and figure out the EXACT DAY that sequence of posters was on display. I’m sure I probably could if I had access to the data and I can’t wait for the weird cop show plotline that uses that.

I’ve been seeing this around all week and I’ve been trying to figure out some way to contextualize it besides “OMG THE FUTURE.” Glad BLDGBlog was there to help me out.

Fighting game community split over porn site sponsor
Man remember yesterday when I was talking about all the communities that are hitting their awkward teenage years and having fights about if they REALLY have to grow up? Well professional gaming is certainly literalizing the metaphor lately.

Web Semantics: Coding Horror: Markov and You
Today in New Aesthetic stuff you should probably read.

Pendleton Ward
So this is a good interview with Pen Ward (The Adventure Time guy) but I have to say that I am CREEPRED THE FUCK OUT when people try to represent Adventure Time characters as regularly proportioned people. This comes up more often than you’d think.

p.i.g. (Zillix)
I feel like I spend way too much time on here bitching about games so it maybe seems like I don’t like them. I do like them. Here’s one I really liked in fact that you can play for free in your browser.

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