May 19 2010

Man, in today’s terrible fucking workmen adventures they tape off my building so I can’t enter or leave without some dipshit yelling at me AND they fuck around on my roof so I can’t do anything. I’m so glad I’m moving off campus even if I’m going to end up sleeping in the goddamn street.

*Furniture* *Spelling*
Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Chairs
I want a whole set of these. Table and Couch at least should be fairly easy.

*Plants* *Apocalypse*
How the Kudzu Invasion is Poisoning the Air With Ozone
Kudzu, the most terrible plant.

*History* *Numbers*
The 23 Enigma in History
Yet another terrible movie based on an actual history thing that was way more awesome.

*3D Printing* *Movies*
Objet 3D Printing Put to the Test in Iron Man 2 (Video)
[Joke about how Iron Man 2 is a really mediocre movie]

*Flight* *Fraud*
Fake Pilot Flies Passengers for Thirteen Years
Who else feels good about airline security now?

*Weird* *Violence*
Blowgun Woman: I Like to Hear People Say “Ouch”
I think this may be the first time in OTP history where I give both a band name AND an album name in one post.

*Projection Mapping* *Augmented Reality*
Augmented Reality: Superbien
This is neat looking and I couldn’t resist posting it.

*Art* *Infographics*
Chad Hagen
Finally infographics have been stripped of their extraneous informative properties.

*Computers* *Smart-Asses*
Computer Algorithm Can Recognize Sarcasm (Which is Soooo Cool)
This is the most important computer related discovery ever. -SARCASM MACHINE EXPLODES-

Webcomics Roundup
Dinosaur Comics is just about me now. Like, T-Rex is just me, there is no point in pretending that isn’t true anymore.

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