Other Ten Percent 3/30/12

Mar 30 2012

So Get My Shit Together Thursday went FANTASTICALLY. I got a ton of chores done I’d been meaning to do for weeks, got more writing done than I managed to accomplish yesterday and still had time to play the new WoW beta. I was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. But you know who DIDN’T step up to the plate? The internet. I’m out here giving it my all and the internet is putting out links such that I’ve got to go to the BoingBoing well FOUR TIMES today and I’m still stuck throwing in a Pitchfork link to make this thing happen. Step it up greatest source of cultural information in the history of mankind. I mean COME ON.

Historic Apollo 11 rocket engines found on ocean floor by Jeff Bezos and team
Welcome back to 2012 everybody. For those of you just joining us we seem to have avoided a mega-corporation future for an even weirder one where benevolent super-rich people are the closest thing we have to state actors because actual governments are super busy having no idea how to act quickly enough to respond to the rate of change in the modern world. Some days that means the benevolent rich are looking out to stop African genocide…sometimes they’re just going on a historical treasure hunt for shits and giggles.

K-MAX, the Military’s New Delivery Drone
Come for the update on military drone technology; stay for the weird advertorial for an unmanned transport helicopter. Okay so, seriously, why did nobody tell me that Tom Clancy and the military had gotten into a weird feedback loop where actual video actually produced for the military now looks like a Tom Clancy movie? Because if that isn’t one of the most terrifying facts I’ve learned in my life I don’t know what is.

Check Out David Byrne’s New Sound Installation
So this is weird and not totally great and kinda just as David Byrne-y as you could possibly imagine. However I do like that Byrne seems to have developed a bit of a fixation on installation art recently. It weirdly seems like the least smug way to add some artificial scarcity to your musical work which everybody over the age of 40 in the music scene seems absolutely goddamn desperate to do. Just like other things that recently old people like (trying to save privacy, Nirvana) the quest to add scarcity back into art sometimes has interesting results and I think that this is probably the best method. Tying art DIRECTLY into the physical world so that when you attempt to digitize it and move it around it doesn’t work as well is not only a middle finger to the digital age that’s bound to stand up for a few years it actually has the potential to make the art BETTER and not just a thesis statement about how angry computers make you.

Want superconductivity? Add red wine.
Well you can add “conducting electricity” to the list of things alcohol can fix in your life. Also, of all the weird science stories I’ve read this year this is the one that most makes me think that God is basically just changing the rules of science every once in a while to fuck with us. “Guys….guys guys guys. Watch this. I’m going to make wine conduct electricity super well. Let’s see how long it takes them to notice.”

La Montanara by Forcella, A Fried Pizza Restaurant in New York City
Can somebody go and try this place out to tell me what side of the delicious/terrifying line this place actually comes down on? Like I see potential here but I also see never wanting to eat again.

Cook a Steak on Its Fat Side First (and 99 More of the Greatest Cooking Tips of All Time)
Also it turns out I’m hungry today or something? Have some cooking tips to satisfy any hunger you yourself might be feeling whenever this missive reaches you.

Invisible Robota: the robots who ate our jobs
Oh look guys, it’s our old friend “making the invisible visible.” This time he’s chilling out and making a big deal out of all the jobs robots have taken away from us. Not animated for some reason is how miserable all of these people are with their monotonous jobs as meter maids and toll-booth operators.

Wind and water current maps by van Gogh
I’m way, way more impressed by the wind tool than the water one. It’s just so PRETTY! I know I should have a better reason for being more impressed but…nope. Weirdly I actually think the design of it makes it LESS functional than the other example but I just can’t bring myself to actually care very much.

Repairing a Victorian hat-fitting Conformateur with 3D printed parts
Man there have been a lot of strong contenders for “most accurate vision of what the future looks like” on OTP today. Bezos as treasure hunter, unmanned shipping helicopters…fried pizza. Yet I think this is the one that’s actually going to take the prize. Jury-rigging together a working version of a 19th century device to aid traditional craftsmenship with the help of 3D printing. When atemporality stops being an insufferable thought experiment that proves we don’t need to think about the present if we don’t want to this is what it looks like instead. Who gives a shit what the time period is: it works.

Webcomics Roundup
In lieu of an actual webcomic today for the Webcomics Roundup how about you guys watch this awesome footage of some Cambridge University Spaceflight group shooting a t-rex plushie into space. Not only is it fun and webcomics related it’s also another great example of what the future looks like with a bonus opportunity to point out how weird things are getting with cheap cameras.

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