Other Ten Percent 3/23/12

Mar 23 2012

I’m afraid we’re dealing with a bit of an OTP LIGHTNING ROUND tonight because I stayed out too late drinking with a friend. I have a good excuse however: that friend is Lauren Davis of io9 and you’ll be seeing my byline there again as early as this weekend. My first story will be about the time the ghost of Stanley Kubrick showed me the real ending to A.I. Shockingly I’m not even lying. Anyway let’s talk about links for now. Quickly though so I can get it to you by midnight.

8-bit Mad Men Choose Your Own Adventure looks awesome, is awesome (video)
I wrote this up for this week’s Free Friday but since that won’t be going up until after you recieve this missive I decided to write it up in OTP as well. It’s a hilarious and accurate gamifying of Mad Men and a screenshot I took for PCWorld is maybe my favorite game screen shot of all time. Look it up tomorrow if you’ve got the time. There’s no David Made Words Happen On the Internet section today I’m afraid by the way. Just a weird gap in my output being posted.

Amazed because his group has ALREADY BUILT a swarm of file-sharing drones
you can’t build an autonomous army of flying file-sharing drones that the government can only take down through military action because I ALREADY DID. If you need a summation of the year of our lord two thousand and twelve I just gave it to you in one sentence.

How cooking turned humans into an invasive species
I love that we keep pushing the point where we fucked everything up further and further back in history. I was just coming around to the idea that the agricultural revolution was a point of no return where humanity was basically doomed to fuck over the planet and now it turns out just cooking meat screws us all over?

The Sweatbox, A Rarely Seen Documentary About Disney’s Failed Kingdom of the Sun Film Project
Ah well, at least I can still count on Disney. There’s no mistaking it when they start getting fucked up beyond all belief. This time they do it with some bonus talking head segments with STING however (who I will only write all in caps for reasons that are mysterious even to me) so that’s pretty fun.

Michael K. Williams is going to play Ol’ Dirty Bastard
Man I love this so much I don’t even care that I probably won’t like the movie. If nothing else it was a fantastic oppurtunity to bait people into being excited about it and then responding to their excitement with “Oh, Indeed.” As always with Sean O’Neal stories it’s hard to pick the funniest joke but I think my favorite passage is —a tone that producers describe as “like Risky Business and 8 Mile”—because saying “My Favorite Year on crack” wouldn’t work, apparently, as not as many people remember that movie.—

Brooklyn: 41 Reasons Why
I continue to think it’s just us shaking out a problem with building efficient enough filters but I’m starting to find the artificial scarcity trend kinda intriguing and I think maps that deliberately strip out tons of information are my favorite examples. Why bother to know what Brooklyn has to offer when you can have 41 things somebody tells you it has to offer? I can think of a lot more that 41 reasons why you might want to bother but none compelling enough to spend the time you’d have to to prove it.

Suspense Trailer for Research Division of the New York Public Library
Anyone who knows me knows that I want to live in a world where research librarians are badasses so naturally I was THRILLED to watch this video and find out that it’s not only hilarious it actually doesn’t step on my ability to write up any of my other ideas about how to make research librarians badasses.

In the Maker Shed: TOOOL Emergency Lock-Pick Card
I really want one of these even though I’m fairly certain I’d get arrested the first time I locked myself out of the house and tried to use it. Oh well, chance favors the bold. Especially the bold who also have a lock-pick set in their wallet. I think legally that isn’t allowed to be the saying but it ought to be.

Pirate LOSS? An alternative …
Okay because just one post about the Pirate Bay’s arial drone plans wasn’t enough here’s Charlie Stross’s brilliant alternative. Push past his terrifying and disgusting fun fact about rats (seriously mom, push past it) and what you arrive at is actually a brilliant take on the future of extralegal urban infrastructure: It’s literally underground. Not only that it’s beyond the notice of authorities because they can’t be bothered to fund the repairs of infrastructure that would get this stuff noticed in the first place. As a result if this plan ever actually got enough attention that the government tried to shut it down it would perversely STILL be a force for good by not just pointing out the abuse of authority (which, don’t get me wrong, always fun) but by actually forcing authority to look at things they kinda try to ignore.

Webcomics Roundup
Beartato is lost and Reginald is on the hunt…for ice cream.

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