Other Ten Percent 3/21/12

Mar 21 2012

It’s 3/21/12 everybody! The date counts down and then it counts up! Amazing! …Yeah that’s the kind of insight you can expect from me today because for some reason I have a terrible headache and my legs hurt. It’s like I have a terrible hangover except I haven’t had anything to drink since last week soooooooo. Anyway to make up for the lack of real, insightful commentary I’ve got some pretty sweet links for you guys today.

Napoleon, Rare Silent Epic at The San Francisco Silent Film Festival
I’m not sure that I’ve got a 5 and half hour silent movie in me in terms of watching the thing but I still love that the SF Silent Movie Festival is a thing. I also kinda love that 5 and a half hour long silent movies about Napoleon are a thing. Also regarding “polyvision,” the 3 screen early widescreen the film was shot in, anybody else get the feeling that media that are just being born and just dying get into a gimmick mode? No reason…let’s all go see Avengers in 3D.

Sniffin’ Around Sniffen Court
Once again I’m really tempted to make up a google maps layer of all the Scouting NY stuff so that I can just tour all of them the next time I’m in town. Am I the only person that thinks that if they were just paying attention there’d be these kind of amazing, weird little details going on on like every building in New York?

Pianist with synesthesia performs Bach “in color” (video)
I can’t wait for this one to show up on Ben Bashford or Bruce Sterling in the next few days (if it hasn’t already been there and I missed it) I mean you don’t get much more new aesthetic weirdness than trying to mimic synesthesia with video filters and actually pulling it off fairly well. I think the weirdness kinda escalates a bit too far with the filters but the first 30 seconds is super engaging.

Mad Men Premiere House Party Guide
Mad Men comes back, FINALLY, on Sunday and once again I am super sad that I will not be in New York which is basically the epicenter of having huge Mad Men parties however. I may attempt to pull off something like this this weekend…or maybe not. To be honest while I applaud the level of detail they’ve gone into to help you make the most of your Mad Men party all you really need to pull one off is that cocktails tab. Speaking of…

Old-Fashioned or Newfangled, the Old-Fashioned Is Back [via Lucy]
Can we all just go ahead and agree right now that the Old-Fashioned is pretty fantastic? If not can we at least all go drink one because I think they’re pretty fantastic. Unless of course you actually muddle up a pineapple in the thing in which case, agreeing with the NYT here, keep that thing the hell away from me. Regardless I do always appreciate a good, detailed history of a drink that I enjoy and hopefully you guys will too.

Happytime Murders, A Puppet Film Noir by The Jim Henson Company
Listen, I know this is just Who Framed Roger Rabbit with puppets but I DON’T CARE because that sounds like the best idea for a movie I’ve heard in years. If the actual film lives up to the concept art at all (and maybe ditches Katherine Heigl. How the hell does she keep getting work?) then I will definitely be throwing down money to see this in theaters on opening night. If it goes WILDLY off the rails as it seems fairly likely to do (*cough* Heigl *cough*) …well actually I might still pay to see it if it goes off the rails.

New David Foster Wallace book: Both Flesh and Not
I would be interested to read a few of these because as much as I love David Foster Wallace I can never get behind what now seems like a quaintly gen-x anti-technology bias in a lot of his writing. I’d probably dismiss it as just that except that the dude is DAVID FOSTER WALLACE which makes it difficult to feel like I’m not just missing something that he managed to put together by being way way smarter than me. Regardless I’m glad to see that I’ll have more to read from him even if that obviously won’t last much longer.

Development of a head-mounted, eye-tracking system for dogs
Well of course, if you’re going to put cameras on your pets your going to need some sort of automated recognition system as well. Otherwise how in God’s name do you expect to be able to be able to identify the neighbor’s cat on your new living home security system. Actually watch the tape? Like you’d have time for that with the video feeds of all your pets along with your relatives and loved ones to be poking for relevant information.

Webcomics Roundup
Overcompensating presents When a Stranger E-Mails Back, a universal tale of friendship, love, and John Hodgman. What happens when a man with a ridiculous mustache and three books of fake trivia reaches out to another man to make merchandise for his upcoming tour and also that second man secretly wants to be best friends with the aforementioned ridiculous mustache man? Finally, the internet has the answer.

Write ALL the Things: With David Daw
So today I’m barely managing to get OTP up to 1000 words but in general I’ve actually got a lot of things that I’ve written up. You know all those things I swore I was writing up back during GDC that never went up? THEY’RE FINALLY GOING UP. First off we’ve got got Game Designers: Failing Until They Make It my piece on GDC and how it’s different from other tech conferences by actually being a place where people can admit defeat. Next I once again showed up for the Game On podcast this time discussing free to play games. Not really my most insightful turn on the show but I get some good stuff in speculating about the future of free to play games. Finally I threw together a quick how to on making and publishing a video for absolutely free.

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