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Mar 16 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! I hope you have a lot of green to wear because otherwise a lot of stupid people are going to pinch you! Normally Im all for holidays where you get super drunk but I dunno the whole thing just seems super boring to me. I think that’s mostly just because I always forget it and then people pinch me though. Sorry I’m babbling but I had a really unproductive day. I sorta feel like I can’t write a damn thing today for no discernable reason. Anyway let’s hope these links prove me wrong.

Where’s _why?
I am kind of trying to learn some basic programming because I’m kind of trying to make some damn games with Nikki and I originally opened this because Ruby is sort of what I picked to learn since Nikki is also learning it so she can both help me AND not wildly outclass me at like she would with some other programming languages. Anyway I decided to include it anyway because when I started reading it it was actually just generally interesting in an “even to people uninterested in programming” kind of a way. Give it a read.

I have read this several times and I laugh every time because of how sadly sadly accurate it is. That’s right those of you also seeking an advanced degree: I assure you the snakes are very real. Even realer than the snakes however is the language of university guidelines this article uses that manages to mimic the stupid tone of stupid university rules to an amazing degree.

Brooklyn Robot Foundry
So first off, obviously, I want to go to there. But, having established that, does this make anybody else feel a weird kind of deja vu? I could swear there used to be a like “teach your kids to build robots” place up on the upper west side that I never actually got around to going to. Maybe I’m just making that up because I really want there to be MULTIPLE places I can take children to have them assemble robots. But certainly not for some sort of robot army build by child labor. No. Certainly not for that.

Transform Your Digs into a Home of the Future, DIY-Style
So maybe this one is just for me but I think I’ve earned the right to treat OTP as a place to drop some links that I myself want to circle back around to. Hopefully when San Francisco remembers that there can be more options for the weather than “rainy and miserable” I’ll get in a spring cleaning kind of mood and actually enact some of these. For now though this is maybe a link for Chris and Kelly? Congratulations you guys. I got you a link as a housewarming present!

Some birds have a heads-up display compass
So this is exciting and awesome news both because it means that birds are even more awesome than previously imagine and because we’ve now got room for some high quality bio-engineering AR science fiction stories. Slap this shit into some artificially grown humans and suddenly we’re able to see radio waves or some crazy shit like that. Okay I may have let awesome get in the way of scientific rigor there but you know what I’m talking about right?

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, “Candy Candy”
And here is your high-quality Japanese Nightmare fuel for the day. I think you should already be familiar with this girl from some of her other experiments in rapid-fire semiotic overload that she decided to disguise as music videos but this one seems so casual about it’s own bizarreness that it sort of reaches whole new levels of terrifying. I think, when I look back on it all, it’s the obviously-not-actually-toast toast in her mouth as she runs that haunts me the most.

SXSW 2012: How Do You Tell Good Tech Art From Bad Tech Art?
Today in “Bruce Sterling said a thing so David blogged about it”: “It’s not going to be long before American art is Kickstarter art.” Which is actually, like most Sterling quotes about the future, deviously accurate because the way that it’s smart sneaks up on you. You think it’s a statement about funding but it actually isn’t. Kickstarter art is art that comes with a community baked in, by making the audience pay in advance you’ve automatically galvanized a community around the work. You’d think this would make them extra critical of your work but weirdly the opposite is true (though woe betide anybody that doesn’t get backers their rewards in a timely fashion) from everything I’ve seen and heard Kickstarter audiences kind of figure that if they’re in for a penny they’re in for a pound and end up supporting the work a lot more passionately.

Wait Is Almost Over for New Dr. Horrible, Joss Whedon Says
Apparently Joss is going for the Donald Glover memorial award for excellence in never fucking sleeping this year. Not that I’m complaining mind you. It’s kind of tragic that all I’ve had to fanboy out over since I moved to SF was the second season of Dollhouse. Kind of a tough case to make for his brilliance for a lot of people.

Watch a Horror Movie Before Heading to the Art Gallery for a More Sublime Experience
More fun with bizarre quirks in your brain chemistry! That’s basically all I’ve got because this is one of those things that just makes a weird amount of sense once you learn it.

Video: Hot Chip: “Flutes”
So I actually really really liked the last Hot Chip album which I think I’ve mentioned before So I was a little disappointed when they announced they had left DFA and were getting a new producer and were really struggling to find a new sound. Thankfully they seem to have failed at that pretty much completely because this basically just strikes me as a slightly dancier track from One Life Stand. Exactly what I wanted the new album to be.

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