Other Ten Percent 3/15/12

Mar 15 2012

Man you know what I love? When the weather is shitty for like a week straight. If there’s one thing I miss about New York it’s the weather getting so terrible that I’m basically trapped in my room with no sunlight to speak of for a week straight or something so the most irritating part of my day is walking two blocks to get some food. Wait no that’s all a totally obvious lie. Let’s discuss links instead.

Rock Family Trees
So it’s a real shame that this guy isn’t posting these online in a large enough format to be readable because I think this is sort of the ideal format to discover new music. Like I’m always confused by “related artists” because they can be related in so many ways I don’t give a FUCK about. What I really wish I could do is make a spotify playlist like this for every single artist I’ve ever liked so I can just trace back what parts of an artists influence i do/don’t like and then trace THOSE artists influences and so on. Well I do at least have this guy whose work I’ve been enjoying on BoingBoing a lot.

Alt.SXSW: College of Lockpicking Launch Event
I really don’t have a whole lot to say about this besides that I’m still fascinated by lockpicking and I’m thrilled that these guys have an online store because I’m genuinely thinking of using it to buy a set of picks. Lock picking is, as I think I’ve mentioned before, surprisingly fun and almost depressingly easy.

Wrecking Crew Orchestra
Oh Japan. What would I ever do without you? I sure wouldn’t see a dance troupe that lit themselves with wirelessly controlled EL wire so they were both the dancer and the lighting for the performance at the same time that’s for damn sure. Like all good live-performance tech tricks I want to steal this idea and use it for a half dozen different things. Unlike most of the other examples I can think of though I’m not bummed they got to it first though because they used the FUCK out of that mechanic. I think my favorite part is where they start directly manipulating the dancers like puppets so it looks like they’re floating and that part’s before what Nikki calls “the dubstep demon” shows up. I changed my mind, the dubstep demon is my favorite part. Basically the thing I want to explore out of this mechanic is the ability to kind of do a live cut of a live performance though highly controlled lighting. It’s not like they’re the first people to do that trick but something about this performance just made the connection between cuts in film and cutting the lights to indicate a scene change in a way that hadn’t ever clicked for me before.

Hipster Branding
It says bad things about me that all of these logos totally work for me. In fact with the exception of the IKEA logo they all work BETTER than the original logos in my opinion. I would buy the shit out of some hipster oreos.

Library staircase delightfully transformed into live interactive game board
“You got a game in my architecture!” “You got architecture in my game!” “Great work asshole. Somewhere David Daw is getting ready to write like 5000 words on this bullshit.” …Actually though I don’t have that much to say. I’m sort of dumbstruck by how much it hits in the general area of stuff I love but it sort of just makes my brain start firing about how I’d want to use this tech better and as a result I sort of have nothing to say. Basically the exact opposite of the Wrecking Crew Orchestra.

Unrelenting Physical Aggression
This is what video art looks like in the year of our lord 2012. Cinematic violence as generative Jackson Pollock painting. Thanks Open Frameworks! In all seriousness though I’m getting really interested in the fact that the main virtue video filters can have of late is to make the video in question as close to unrecognizable as possible while still offering some chance that a user will be able to decode what the original clip was. It’s like using Googlewhacking as an aesthetic.

SXSW, the new aesthetic and writing
Speaking of weird aesthetics here’s a slightly more readable account of that SXSW talk that Bruce Sterling wrote up like a crazy person. The coolest concept in here is the idea of using generative writing (like the stuff created by spambots) for an intentional effect to confuse the audience and shake them up. So we can add that to the list. Events are the new magazines. Products are the new t-shirts. Spambots are the new dubstep.

Autocatalytic *Spaces
Woah, Make’s getting all META on me with a piece about the meta-project of keeping a hacker space viable as a space to make projects happen. It’s interesting how different hacker spaces come up with different solutions to this problem. Resistor’s response to it is so very New York: Fuck you, pay me. This shit costs money so let’s do this thing. Noisebridge on the other hand is SF hippie as fuck. All classes are free but please respect the space and maybe think about becoming a dues paying member eventually if you come a lot. I’ve literally been to a class at Noisebridge where the dude just handed out Arduino kits to everyone and then gently reminded people that costs money so if they have the cash please pay him on the way out for the hardware. Amazing.

HOWTO make an Internet of Things camera
The internet of things camera is today’s example of the weird things that happen when cameras are dirt cheap. I’ve got no idea what projects are possible with this sort of thing but since you can just buy a kit to make it and stick it on a Arduino I imagine I’m about to find out a LOT of things it’s possible to do with the thing. I’m going to hold off on writing more about this since I think I’ll also be writing it up for PCWorld. Speaking of…

The Collected Works of David H. Daw
Remember how I said I was writing up Monday’s OTP while really sleep deprived? Well I wasn’t kidding because I totally forgot I’d already written up The Vibe then and I wrote it up again for GeekTech. That’s okay though because I think I did a really bad job of explaining what it was the first time and nobody followed the link judging by how AMAZED people were by it when I sent it to them AGAIN this morning. Short description: it’s an automatically customized 3D printed iPhone case made from your favorite music and it’s awesome.

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