Other Ten Percent 5/18/10

May 18 2010

Today I spent like two hours trying on clothes to figure out how much stuff I own I can throw away for my move. As it turns out the answer is A LOT. I also found all my internets pretty early but then was too lazy to actually write Other Ten Percent until the evening. LIVE AND LEARN.

*Engineering* *Legos*
Lego Technic Bridge Launcher
Man on the long, LONG list of nerdy things about me the fact that I’m super into mechanical engineering for no apparent reason has to be near the top.

*Architecture* *New York*
Inside the Fletcher Mansion on Fifth Avenue
I will have you know that there were two (2!) entries on Scouting NY I didn’t put on OTP in the past week.

*Science* *Fashion*
Ada Lovelace and Friends: Thinkgeek’s Women in Tech Tees
Ada Lovelace and Friends sounds like maybe the best children’s show ever.

*Acting* *Honesty*
Shia LaBeouf Admits that Indy 4 and Transformers 2 Just Weren’t Very Good
Making this article the best thing he’s ever been involved with.

*Music* *History*
Punk Photography From Maximumrocknroll
I’m not going to lie to you, I’m posting this entirely for that one photograph.

*History* *Letters*
Come on George. Loosen Up. Swing, Man
Frank Sinatra told George Michael to loosen up in a public forum. This actually happened in history. THE WORLD IS AWESOME.

*History* *War*
In the 1930’s the US Conducted a Fake War Over the New York Skyline
No, seriously. SO. AWESOME.

*Russia* *History*
Strange Russian “Local Globe” DIY Phenomenon
I love the idea that you just get so excited that you’re your own country that you forget other countries exist. And you forget it so hard you don’t even understand the point of a globe anymore.

*Psychology* *Arguments*
Visual Study Guide to Cognitive Bias
Seeing as I have no cognitive bias I thought this would be edifying for everyone else.

*Music* *Video*
Paul Dateh:Top 40 Violin Mashup
You can kinda stop after the Telephone part…which is awesome.

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