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Feb 29 2012

Leap day everybody! Real life is for March! Other 30 Rock quotes! Exclamation points! I will tell you guys: I have had a pretty shitty and unproductive day. It is now almost 5pm and my word count currently stands at 235/3000 for the day. It is the 4th quarter and…bad things are happening. I know shit about sports. The point is I am going to turn this day around and I am going to start that process by telling you guys about some sweet links. Here they come now.

Meet the sexist, racist pigs of Capcom’s fighting-game reality show
Let’s talk about misogyny and racism in the gaming community y’all because shit be fucked. Even gamers I generally like can be pretty damn terrible about the whole thing. WOAH, literally just got side-tracked for an hour with re-reading all about that terrible drama bomb. Score another win for this being a horribly unproductive day. I did at least get an OTP entry out of it tangentially. Where was I, oh yes, the culture of sexism in games. Here’s what interests me about that BoingBoing link: they explicitly link the culture around the games with the games content and I’m…not sure that’s right. I mean no doubt Street Fighter is a parade of racist/sexist stereotypes and that shit’s got to stop but the exact relationship here seems more complex than gamer monkey see gamer monkey do. I’m not making the argument that games are simply a reflection of gamer culture because that’s just a sad attempt to pass the buck. I guess I’m arguing that gamer culture has kind of created itself in opposition to the outside world in a lot of ways and that shit gets fucked when the outside world keeps showing up. I wish I had more insight about all of this right now but it seems like it’s an issue that’s reaching critical mass at the moment. I used to see articles like this one every year or so in the gaming press and now they seem to be showing up once every week or two. I’m not sure how, but given the vitriolic bullshit that typically shows up in the comments section of these kinds of things (BoingBoing makes it almost 30 comments without an idiot!) somethings going to have to give soon.

Peter Weyland TED Talk From The Future at TED2023
So, fun fact: I watched all the Alien movies backwards. This had the strange effect of making the series into a set of prequels wherein the protagonist gets less stupid the less experience she has with a thing. It also means I never really cared enough about the universe to really have much of an interest in Prometheus. In that sense the viral marketing buzz-clip that Ridley Scott brought with him to TED this week was utterly ineffective because the narrative of this clip bores me. HOWEVER: The look of this thing is spot on. The menswear blogosphere is impressed with how much the clip manages to actually have Weyland’s suit look suitably different from present fashion without also looking like it’s FUTURE FASHION! and that’s cool if a bit esoteric. The detail I love though is the quad-copters filming the whole thing. I’m probably just slow but you can mark this down as the week that I figured out that all footage is going to be filmed by quad-copter before too long. The footage you can get is actually kind of insane. To wit-

Weekend in SF
Guys. Seriously. I want to go buy a copter/DSLR set-up right now and just film everything. I mean sure, you’re going to have to pull audio from another source (gee, if only everyone on earth was walking around with recording devices that were good at filtering out background noises) but consider for a moment that this whole set-up cost the dude $10,000 at most, it’s probably around $20,000 If you wanted to build the best possible rig and like stick a RED in there. We’re talking the cost of a car to get better footage than you could find in a motion picture two years ago. Add in the fact that this stuff is totally unregulated as long as you stick to less than 500 feet off the ground and…okay yeah this is my new AR. Sorry. Never shutting up about these things.

Avengers Trailer 2[via Like The Entire World]
Okay yes if you have not watched this yet it is almost certainly because you did not want to but I give up. Congratulations movie at the center of like 50 overlapping circles of things I like, I am officially excited for you now. For the record it was the part where The Hulk caught Iron Man in mid-air and then broke their fall using the side of a building. I’m aware that there are still tons of ways this movie could suck but I kinda think the combination of Joss Whedon having a really thorough understanding of the Avengers (yay it’s obviously about Thor/Captain America/Iron Man not getting along!) and a lot of explosions can’t go TOO wrong.

10 Commandments for Con Men [via Kottke]
Okay I’m clearly trying to write long to get to my 3000 word goal and I’m going to stop that now. This entry is interesting especially since I keep kicking around an ARG based around con men. As Kottke notes, rules 1 and 8 are the most interesting ones.

1964 World’s Fair documentary raising funds on Kickstarter
Is the 1964 World’s Fair my favorite World’s Fair? Probably. Is it weird that I have a favorite World’s Fair? Yes. Objectively yes.

The Real Reason Why You Can’t Stop Talking About Lana Del Rey
Oh man I just realized that by missing the last 3 months of OTP posts that existed in my head you totally missed me and Jane NEVER SHUTTING UP about why we hate Lana Del Rey. Instead, you get to skip straight to the part where somebody FINALLY posts an article articulating what bothered both of us for so long: I don’t give a fuck about if she’s authentic or not let’s talk about how she doesn’t pull her schtick off very well. By detaching those two things from each other Leigh Alexander manages to actually make a point about LDR and the culture around her that doesn’t seem like a reductive attempt to demonize everyone that disagrees with her. Amazing!

BarBot 2012, A Celebration of Cocktail Culture & Man-Machine Interface
Hey let’s all go get drunk with robots! I know I say that every day, but this time I MEAN IT.

Make Little, Make Often: Ideas for the Future of Manufacturing in the UK
So ever since I became too cool to continue being super hyped about 3D printing (which will continue to be the case until I can afford one) I’ve been really interested in the idea of small batch manufacturing and if we can reconfigure our manufacturing infrastructure to remain usable in a 3D printing future. This is probably the most interesting discussion of that that I’ve seen.

Album Of The Week: School Of Seven Bells Ghostory
I was not wild about the second S7B (which I will never write that way again, it makes them sound like a British girl group) album so I was not super hyped when I heard they were putting out a new album like a little over a year later and they’d lost a band member. HOWEVER this new album actually seems a lot more like their first album.

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