Other Ten Percent 2/27/12

Feb 27 2012

Who has two thumbs and isn’t dead? THIS GUY. So, remember when I did this every day and it worked just fine until I decided that it didn’t for no apparent reason and then I kept fiddling with it until I got bored with it and quit to write things I didn’t like writing nearly as much? It is just now FINALLY occurring to me that that was probably a pretty stupid choice on my part. So, we’re going to go back to the same old original OTP settings that worked just fine for forever with only one small change: I’m going to start posting stuff written by me way more often. I’m not going to do that today though because the only thing that got published today by me was a review of a pair of high end headphones for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Spoiler alert: IT’S NOT FOR YOU. …Okay I mean I guess I did link to that. But I meant in like the commentary-y part down here. Who else missed the commentary? Let’s do some.

Old Fashioned 101 [Via Kottke]
I’m back guys! Let’s get drunk. Only let’s do a really good job of it by making a nice cocktail very well. It’s weird given how many books on booze I’ve been exposed to by proxy that I’ve heard so few explanations of WHY we put things in any given drink. I think the most informative source I have on the Martini to date is President Bartlett.

Is it just me or is The Hairpin KILLING IT lately with posts that seem like they belong to other blogs I read. First they do frankly the best analysis of the Mass Effect 3 Demo I’ve seen on the web and now they’re stepping on lifehacker’s turf with some pretty solid life/career advice. Sure it’s pretty broad but it’s also pretty no-nonsense and, since they’ll probably never cover this ground again, actually pretty much all you need to know. On another, totally not ironic note, this is one of two separate life/career advice posts in today’s OTP.

Folk Lore: How Johann Sebastian Joust is defining a new gaming genre
Look everybody it’s some high quality games journalism! About a game I want to play! And Indy games that like…everybody who reads this would want to play! And…wait come back seriously read this. Read it right now it is exciting and good and I don’t care if you don’t like video games. I told you the Old Republic headphones story wouldn’t matter to you so don’t blame me for that. This is the real deal.

Movie: The Movie [via Daily What]
In the most shocking twist of the Oscar season the funniest Oscar night joke came from Jimmy Kimmel Live. This 9 minute trailer for the biggest movie that has ever existed has a surprisingly high ratio of good jokes considering the bit saturation and well…the fact that it’s Jimmy Kimmel.

Charles Dickens Liked to Walk
I’ve been walking a lot more since I switched over to working freelance, at least on the days I remember to, and the days when I do step outside for an hour to just wander aimlessly are invariably my most productive ones. The Kottke post about this makes several good points about why this was useful to Dickens but they leave out an aspect I think. What Dickens is doing is pretty clearly a textbook example of the Flâneur and the timing is right for Dickens to ACTUALLY KNOW THIS AND BE DOING IT CONSCIOUSLY. Which is exciting to me because…well I guess just because I’m a nerd and like the idea of a fairly obscure idea I came across being less obscure than I had thought. Still pretty cool even as a coincidence though. If we want to get all situationist on this (and frankly, when DON’T I want to get all situationist on something?) Dickens walks could be considered a kind of proto-Dérive.

Know What: a new kind of hyper-curated city guide for iphones (android coming soon)
I have not tried this yet and I’m generally kinda skeptical of highly-curated approaches to…basically anything these days (he said, creating a highly curated list of internet links). However, I have been thinking more and more lately about the difficulty of knowing a city in any real sense these days (s’up Dérive and Flâneur). Yelp sucks and Google street view only gives you a sense of how to get from point A to point B and the sheer scale means that you’re not going to know even a fraction of what’s on offer on your own. Back in New York I was always struck by how much a map of what I actually knew in the city would have looked more like a bunch of tiny islands around various subway stops than any sort of realistic map of the area. That sort of island-hopping navigation of the city always made it weird when I was acting as a tour guide for people from outside the city but it seemed like I was far from the only person I knew at NYU that conceptualized the city that way. The idea of a guide that creates paths out of people’s personal experiences shows a lot of promise but, due respect to Mark Frauenfelder, I’d rather see that with a social aspect that lets me create my own personal map of what I know in the city and overlay that with my friends and acquaintances.

Feltron Annual Report [via Kottke]
You may not know the name Nicholas Felton but you’re using his work every day. After Felton started work at Facebook in April of 2011 he helped create the design for Facebook’s new Timeline layout. Before that Felton and his partner Ryan Case worked on the self-quantification site Daytum that helps users visualize data from their daily lives in the same way Felton manages in his annual reports. Felton tracks almost every aspect of his life that he can by logging his meals, travel habits and work hours. His annual reports have been known to track much more esoteric stats about his life such as his “Median Beer Time” and his favorite beverage of the year. He also tracks and charts his location data for the previous year resulting in maps of his common travel routes in New York for instance. Felton’s been releasing the Feltron Annual Reports since 2005 and this newest report shows off his life both in NYC and in San Francisco. The most impressive thing about the Annual Report is how easy to read it is. Despite the massive amount of data that Felton collects about himself the project allows you to quickly and easily pick up on the important stats from his life. Felton offers all his annual reports as a free download but you can also buy them which Kottke at least seems to think is a good investment.

Make Your Thing: 12 Point Program for Absolutely, Positively 1000% No-Fail Guaranteed Success
Jesse Thorn (Put This On, Sound of Young America, Judge John Hodgman Podcast) offers up his own life/career advice and what it lacks in brevity it makes up for in pretty descriptive examples. Going to be honest. This is the day’s “long read” in that I have not actually finished reading it but I like what I’ve seen so far.

Teller Reveals His Secrets
I think I may have put a video version of this on OTP long long ago but it’s actually much more informative written. I think some of this stuff may make it into an ARG that I keep promising to make with Nikki. It’s the one that encourages you to commit algamic crimes if I’ve ever mentioned that one to you before.

What Does it Mean to Have a Utilitarian Wardrobe?
Woah hey, turns out I lied because between writing the intro and now I got a post up over on my menswear tumblr that I am once again updating and I thought I’d throw it in for a round 10 items. Nikki likes this one!

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