Other Ten Percent 2/9/12

Feb 09 2012

So I know not all of you guys care all that much about games but I am doing games coverage for PCWorld and in addition to telling you everything you need to know about the PS Vita (ummmm it’s a pretty good 3DS and a pretty mediocre iPhone?) I’m doing longer more OTP stuff about indie gaming and the games industry. For instance I just wrote this story about the Minecraft guy offering to fund a Psychonauts sequel and what that means for gaming. Considering the absurd money Double Fine pulled in last night with their Kickstarter ($650,000!) you can expect more stories from me about all this stuff in the next few days/weeks but in the meantime I’m still pretty proud of that story even if just a one night delay in putting it up changed it from being amazingly insightful to “why didn’t you mention Double Fine’s Kickstarter?”

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