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Feb 06 2012

Yeah okay so here’s the deal. A deal I think might actually work this time. I had it backwards. This was where I was going to put all my ideas and THEN I was going to get freelance work but it’s looking like what’s going to happen is I’m going to write a lot of things that will get posted as a freelancer and then if nobody wants it I’ll be posting it here.

Have a look at this post that just went up over on PCWorld. So it’s obviously written for people who haven’t read my ramblings for going on two years but it’s a link and a discussion I totally would have had here. Hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot of that. Then, on days where they don’t want my crazy ramblings about the future of technology, I’ll come back here and give you the ramblings you’ve come to know and love.

I’ll also be covering gaming news for PCWorld and hopefully doing some indie games/ARG coverage for them. Basically what this all means is that the time I’ve been spending writing for other blogs (check out minimumviablewardrobe.tumblr.com everybody!) is finally going to start translating into work that looks a lot more like the OTP content you’ve been missing. The downside of this is that it’ll take you a bit longer to keep track of everything I’m doing (working on ways to get around this) but the upside is that I’ll actually be paid money for writing these things. Let’s see if I can make this work.

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