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Dec 07 2011

So in today’s entry I will examine the only link you guys really need for the day. It’s a review of a TV show that you’re probably not watching anymore if you listen to my opinions on TV. Don’t worry you guys, I know that none of you listen to my opinions on TV.

———–TV Reviews That Are Better Than The Show In Question———-
Hey so remember when I got SUPER BORED with Glee last year and just quit because the show’s total refusal to even pretend like their plots were going to run on normal human logic irritated me so much that I could no longer deal? Remember when I declared that I was going to start a blog where I just rewrote the plot of every episode and worked in whatever musical numbers weren’t totally shitty and linked to the download links on iTunes and made my money by affiliate linking Glee songs? Remember how I never did that.

Well it’s a good thing I didn’t because now Todd VanDerWerff (AND I JUST SPELLED THAT WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP SO YOU KNOW HE’S GOOD/ Also HIGH FIVE) has reviewed this week’s episode of Glee in the form of a short story from the point of view of the dad of one of the ancillary members of the Glee club. It’s the story of Michael Chang’s dad pushing back against the terrible one dimensional chcaracter choices he’s forced to make and slowly realizing that his entire life has come to revolve around his son’s fucking high-school glee club.

I seriously consider it one of the top 3 short stories I’ve read this year and it’s made even more impressive since it was clearly written in just a few hours and it manages to both recap the episode and review it’s many flaws while operating as a legitimately effective piece of fiction. It’s this year’s Transformers 2 review except that it may have fully driven it’s author mad in the best way possible.

Don’t worry if you haven’t actually watched any of Glee recently because honestly if you’ve ever seen literally an episode of it at any point there will not be a single plotline that is at all surprising to you in this review. With the possible exception of the fact that Will Schuster somehow ran a congressional campaign for somebody and won? Actually the sheer batshit crazy displayed in that premise makes it par for the course on this show too. Never mind the whole thing’s basically easy to follow.

REVIEW OF THIS POST: It’s alright, probably would have kicked in another section to bulk it up but I’m liking these being more of a tossed off writing exercise than a solid hour of my time. But WHAT DO YOU THINK. Let us know on Twitter, by e-mail, or on the Other Ten Percent Facebook page I never got around to creating. Maybe make one for me and tell me how much you hate today’s OTP on it?

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