Other Ten Percent 10/31/11

Oct 31 2011

Happy Halloween everybody. I am sick so I’m probably going to manage to not dress up for Halloween AGAIN even though I actually managed to move Dance Party at the End of the World this year just so that people wouldn’t be hung over for the holiday. Anyway let’s talk about culture again I guess?

Hey so I know what we can talk about! Let’s talk about getting rid of all of our material possessions. Okay not actually all of them but a hell of a lot of them. As I’ve spent the weekend laying around my slightly too small room I’ve really noticed that 9/10ths of the things I own seem to exist just to annoy the hell out of me. In theory the idea of getting rid of all of this crap and keeping only the high quality things I value most has a real appeal. In practice this has two major problems.

The first is how to determine what makes the cut. Obviously that’s always going to be somewhat arbitrary. There’s going to be some things that I’m basically for sure going to keep (all of my electronics take up a small portion of space and are very functional) and some things I would gladly ditch (why do I even have that nerf gun at this point?) but there’s also a matter of degrees. Determining an absolute minimum viable wardrobe for instance strikes me as an interesting project that would let me concentrate on getting the best possible suit or best possible pair of shoes or what have you. It also strikes me as a project that would strangely be potentially wasteful in terms of trial and error. If I throw away too much I’m just going to end up buying replacements. Of course the impulse to hold on to stuff just in case you need it is how we all got here in the first place but it does strike me that there ought to be some sort of karmic pawn shop where you can get stuff out of your life with some arbitrary period where its okay for you to say it turns out that you really used it a lot after all.

Of course once I’ve determined what clothes I’m willing to pare down to getting rid of it all is just a simple Sunday project. The real task for most of the stuff I own is one of archiving. In terms of pure mass I think fully 70% of the stuff I own is either books or comics or used to hold books and comics. I’m going to say I have somewhere around 200 books, easily 1000 issues of comics and lets say 50 DVDs. All of these CAN be archived and backed up but that archiving doesn’t remain consistent from one medium to another and some of it can take a ton of time and equipment I don’t have. This is all to say that I was really encouraged to find this archiving utility that lets you “scan” in old photos using your iPhone camera. Given that the 4S can apparently replicate a 550 dpi scan of a 4×6 can somebody ballpark how long its going to be before it can scan in a full 8.5×11 comic page?

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  1. Have you considered grabbing comic scans from less savory places, like Demonoid? The shady factor is not in question, but you’ve already paid for all the the comics you could take advantage of the dark net army scanning this stuff and give your torrent client a nice workout.

  2. I have and, in fact, I’ll probably do so, but that also runs into some problems. For one I don’t have a demonoid account but that’s kinda secondary to the fact that a lot of my runs are a few years old and not that popular. Basically its easy to find a torrent of things like Casanova that I’d actually like to support and continue buying its much harder to find a torrent of a random run on Nightwing I picked up a few years back.

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