Other Ten Percent 10/24/11

Oct 24 2011

So the party went really really well and then I had a nice chill weekend. Then I found you guys some links that I find pretty interesting.

Journey to the End of the Night Kicks Off Come Out and Play Festival
Now that my big party project is done I’ve got some small modicum of free time that I of course have to immediately throw away. I’m planning on getting in some more game design practice in with a project or two but short term I think I’ll take a little bit of a break and go to this thing for some fun.

Joss Whedon found time to make a Shakespeare movie?
I like that this gets the Holy Crap WTF tag that io9 usually reserves for stuff like faster than light travel and Human Centipede. Joss Whedon finds time to do a Shakespeare movie DURING the shooting of the Avengers? That’s maybe the weirdest news this year.

A cultural thought experiment
An essay on the top 1%, the history of Sci-fi, and space colonization and that actually isn’t the half of how weird and awesome this whole thing gets. It’s Charlie Stross recontextualizing insane wealth as a science fictional premise and man does it look EVEN WEIRDER from that angle.

Thing I Must Print Immediately: Lucky Charms Cereal Sifter
Well it looks like I’ve finally found the first thing to print on the PCWorld 3D printer.

Ye Animated Git
That’s a direct link to what is by far the best animated GIF I’ve seen in quite some time but there are quite a few awesome ones on that site.


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