Other Ten Percent 10/21/11

Oct 21 2011

It’s the end of the world today and that means I’m having a party. And THAT means I’m not going to go into a whole lot of depth on these links either. Next week I’ll be bulking up the commentary again (though I also need to figure out how to do commentary with a little more ease and a little less repetition. Oh well, problems to solve in the future.)

How scholars revealed the hidden text in a 1,000-year-old book
You know if you were to tell 10 year old me that the most interesting thing I’d see all week in the future would be about restoring really old books I’d probably get really depressed about the future. Well guess what hypothetical 10-year-old me? YOU’RE WRONG.

Hey yo, T(ether) technology tracks rap gestures in 3D
I really want to try this thing out. Partially because I just think its cool obviously but also partially because it seems like it would actually be really unintuitive and irritating. Unless you can actually FEEL those virtual objects it seems like it’s just a really elaborate training in miming things that won’t expand very far.

RE/Mixed Media Festival 2011, Celebrating Remix Art & Culture
So since I imagine a lot of you guys in New York are sad you’ll be missing the Dance Party at the End of the World (and I’m ashamed of those of you that aren’t) I want to give you guys a consolation prize. Except I’m lazy so this is actually somebody else’s consolation prize that I’m telling you about…either way enjoy it.

Oh look you guys it’s HISTORY’S GREATEST ANIMATED GIF. Did you know John Hodgman’s final book of complete world knowledge That is All is coming out in just a week and a half?

Kraven The Hunter.
Oh look you guys it’s HISTORY’S GREATEST SPIDERMAN COMIC. Did you know that Kate Beaton’s book of comics Hark! A Vagrant! is ALREADY OUT and that it has sold enough copies to get on the NYT best seller list for Graphic works? CAN YOU EVEN KNOW ABOUT WEBCOMICS THINGS WITHOUT ME TELLING YOU? AND CAN YOU DIRECT ME TO MY CAPS LOCK BUTTON SO I CAN TURN IT OFF?


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