Other Ten Percent 10/19/11

Oct 19 2011

Sorry for the short entry today. It’s a busy week with the party and everything and to be honest there’s just not a whole ton going on. with the internet as near as I can tell that you haven’t already seen without me.

TV Pioneer Philo Farnsworth on 1957 Episode of I’ve Got a Secret
I’ve always thought Farnsworth was pretty cool and not just because he invented TV and a Futurama character is named after him. If only somebody like Aaron Sorkin would write a play about him and then that play would be pretty good but I wouldn’t go see it and then it would shut down.
WARNING: Oh wait that all already happened.

Account of the first-ever Internet demo, 1972
Today is history of electronics we use every day I guess. So here’s an account of trying to explain the internet in the 70s.

The Creepiest Statue in New York City
That title is not a joke. Also AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Interview with Futility Closet blogger Greg Ross
Okay so I’m in. I will read this dude’s blog. I may not read BoingBoing again though. What is up with that background dudes?

Fun Facts About The Tenderloin District in San Francisco by Zendesk
Another fun fact about the Tenderloin: do not go there.

David Wondrich’s Rum Punch
BONUS ENTRY: After my last trip to New York I kinda decided that alcoholic punch needs to be a thing out here. So this is one of two or three drinks I’ll be serving at the Dance Party at the End of the World on Friday.


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