Other Ten Percent 3/11/10

Mar 11 2010

What up home-dog-slice? Which is a real thing…that people say. So Corey Haim died. I honestly have nothing else to say about that. Lost Boys was a pretty good movie though. Hey look there are links!

*Japan* *Severed Heads*
Tokyo Terror: Severed Samurai Head in Otemachi
“The samurai failed to become ruler of Japan, but his severed head has remained a persistent source of trouble for over 1,000 years.” Oh my God Japan I love you so much.

*Retro-Futurism* *Print*
Omni Magazine Scans
Man I totally forgot this magazine existed. But the late seventies version of the future was even crazier than the sixties version so I’m so happy that somebody bothered to scan this stuff.

*Science* *Large Words*
“Negatively Strange” Antihypermatter Made out of Gold
I’d say this should be a band or album name but no band or album could ever possibly live up to it.

*Steampunk* *Comics*
Molly Crabapple’s New Comic About Cyborgs in 18th Century France
As Dr. Who has taught us robots + Versailles = awesome.

*Animals* *Facial Hair*
Dog Stache
Nothing more needs to be said.

*Agriculture* *Ruined Cities*
Turn a Quarter of Detriot into “Semi-Rural” Farms?
I actually cannot imagine why we are not just doing every crazy ass thing in Detroit that anybody suggests. It’s not like anybody else is using it.

*Art* *Television*
Lost Fan Will Create 365 Pieces of Art for Each Day of the Year
This and the 365 Bear project need to fight!

*True Love* *NBC Thursday Night Comedy*
Man Marries Body Pillow Girlfriend in Korea
It’s not just for one off jokes in 30 Rock anymore.

*Toys* *Television*
The Mad Men Get Barbie Treatment
It says something about Christina Hendricks that I don’t think Barbie’s proportions are ridiculous enough to pull off Joan.

*History* *Film*
Art of Film Title Sequences
There really is a blog for everything.

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