Other Ten Percent 10/17/11

Oct 17 2011

It’s happened people. We’ve reached CODE ORANGE. I have officially gotten so bored doing OTP that I’m going to start screwing with the format again. I was trying not to do this with ever increasing regularity lest you guys figure out that my general interest in OTP is kinda flagging. I think the cat’s pretty much out of the bag on that one though. So today I’m going to just write the amount that I want to about stuff and only slap warnings on this stuff when I think its warranted.

Ball Camera
Who else is excited when they see something that reminds them that we still haven’t figured out every possible way we can assemble the parts we already have? Because this sort of stuff SUPER excites me. Sometimes it sorta seems like all progress is going to be incremental and require incredible amounts of specialization and then you see something like this and you think “okay on one hand this is only cost effective because of the rock bottom price for image sensors but on the other hand WHY DID NOBODY THINK OF THIS LIKE 15 YEARS AGO?” Sure this is clearly still a beta but its exciting to think what this will look like five years from now. I can think of a half dozen productive uses for this (especially once it can wirelessly transmit) and even if none of those work out it’ll still be a hell of a kids toy.

The Adventures of Tintin
So this may only REALLY be of interest to design and Tintin nerds (though I think that covers like 9/10ths of my audience) still the really interesting thing to me is the simplicity of the design. I saw it once and thought it was pretty cool but then Nikki said that it was basically all just circles and I was like “Holy shit.”

Park Avenue Armory / Herzog & de Meuron
I cannot tell you how sad I am that the picture of the hall and staircase is just a rendering. I want to be in that room right now and then I want to never ever leave. More seriously I clearly need to actually go the the Armory because I keep coming into town when they’re ABOUT to open some cool thing in there and so I never end up going.

CCTV/Creative Control, A Giant Eye Projected Over Brooklyn
Okay I now officially have a new favorite use of projection mapping. I really need to save up the money for a nice projector and then just start asking public spaces if I can project weird things on them…or not asking and doing it anyway. The point is that you can just come up with a really simple idea and scale it up to the proper level with relatively little cost.
NOTE: It’s weird to me how many of these guys have an architecture background. I mean it makes sense on a certain level in that they’re clearly looking at structures differently than regular people but it makes me worry there’s some complex thing going on here that I’m totally missing.

Metroid source code
I have literally no idea what use this could be to anyone but for some reason that just makes me MORE excited to post it.

No I’m Not Going To Law School: Disrupting Law Schools
I’m not really going to embrace this whole-heartedly because I think I largely like it as a justification for me not going to law school. Still though maybe there’s something to it since it also makes me feel guilty for not really learning to program.

So I read a surprisingly mixed review of this on BoingBoing and immediately wanted to buy it since its about persuasion and narrative but I’ve basically just had the tab open for a week since I keep waiting for it to tell me I can get it on Kindle. So now I’m making YOU keep the tab open. Also if you guys know a way for me to be informed when a book is available for Kindle I’d appreciate it.


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