Other Ten Percent 10/14/11

Oct 14 2011

So I’m not going to quit OTP but I kinda feel like this is an experiment that’s starting to play itself out. I may spend some time figuring out how to automate what I’m doing here for a while to get all of you the content I’ve been giving you without it taking up all my writing time outside of work because I sorta feel like I need to start investigating things in a new format. I’m kinda just running in circles with this stuff. I’m pointing out all the weird seams in the stories that are flying across my corner of the internet but I’m not taking the time to investigate them and that’s getting sort of exhausting.

Phantogram “Don’t Move”
So I was kind of a fan of the first Phantogram album that came out back in the year of our lord 2009 but if somebody had me make a list of bands I kind of liked but never expected to hear from again they’d have been near the top of the list. That album was a lot darker and slower than this track and as a result it sounded a lot like the XX and came out around the same time and well…I sorta thought Phantogram was going to be this historical footnote of a band. “Here lies Phantogram, if the XX didn’t exist somebody might have listened to them.” But it turns out that Phantogram is maybe the first band in the history of ever that was actually self aware enough to abandon a schtick that somebody else is doing better and get their own?
WARNING: I’m maybe talking this track up too much? It’s not going to change your life but in a year that’s been kinda lacking in really great albums I enjoy it even without the complex narrative I laid out just now.
NOW: Maybe just…don’t read the Pitchfork blurb.

Cat Attacks Air Blowing Out of Hair Dryer
Today in metaphors for the human condition: A cat continuously attacks an invisible assailant that turns out to just be warm air from a hair dryer.
WARNING: As a metaphor for the human condition that may cause a certain level of existential dread.
NOTE: Maybe you can keep that in check by considering the fact that the cat ends up doing a vaguely transcendent human impression as it attacks the hot air? Probably not.

The Free Searchable Science Fiction Encyclopedia that You Can Read Right Now
Maybe I have gotten you interested in Science Fiction over the two years I’ve been doing this now or maybe you were already interested in it and you were looking for a good research compendium? Well here it is.
WARNING: Maybe not though.
NOTE: Then you’re a jerk.

Man Bartlett: “$,” A Document.
Man, self-quantification and public sharing of finances. Sure its more performance art than functional strategy at the moment still but that’s still plenty weird.
WARNING: It also feels weird just looking at it.
NOTE: You know, I’m starting to suspect I was totally wrong and the form that ubiquitous capture is going to take for this sort of stuff isn’t going to be passive and all knowing because that reads as too creepy. It’s going to look more like Siri where it’s simple enough to use as an extended brain that you do it out of convenience and it just makes a decent life log as a convenient side effect. That has nothing to do with this link though.

Suits for Wall Street, Providing the Protesters With Subversive Threads
I saw the initial suggestion that led to this and loved it (and put it in OTP?). I’m sympathetic to the idea that this is a fundamentally different kind of protest built around a more unfocused internet-esque architecture but it’s going to need to come up with a different kind of way to interface with the culture at large eventually or else it’ll never be able to effect real change. I have no idea if this will effect real change (I mean with an $800 funding goal they’re either planning to dress about two people or the Wall Street bankers are going to see through this really quickly) but it does seem like something NEW that should have been tried more often.
WARNING: Contains a funding campaign sympathetic to Occupy Wall Street and maybe you’re not?
NOTE: I dunno. At the moment my insufferable Objectivist Facebook friends are posting more irritating things than my insufferable liberal Facebook friends so I’m rolling with.

A Coffee Table Book that Traces the Earliest History of Science Fiction
Man I’m finally going to get a coffee table book like a real adult.
WARNING: Not very much like a real adult.
NOTE: But a little bit and this one should be pretty cool.

The Low Line, A Park in an Abandoned Manhattan Subway Station
I became a pretty big fan of the high line when I was in New York back at the start of last month but I think I’d love this even more since it takes what I love about the high-line (repurposing public spaces, a vaguely science-fictional feel, and public transportation history) and just does it MORE.
WARNING: It will probably never happen though. If I’ve learned anything doing OTP its that you should never get too excited about concept art.
NOTE: That may be the most depressing thing I’ve ever typed.


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