Other Ten Percent 10/12/11

Oct 12 2011

Look you guys! It’s three numbers in almost the right order! I’m really enthusiastic about all of this! Links!

Rediscover the British classic Quatermass and the Pit on Blu-ray
I was expecting this link to be just for me but then lo and behold it was just generally awesome.
WARNING: Contains british science fiction.
NOTE: I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t watched any Quartermass yet. As a Doctor Who fan I feel like a sell out not watching any Quartermass.

openhousenewyork Educates on New York City Architecture & Design
Look you guys I gave you THREE WHOLE DAYS notice for a thing in New York you should go to. I think that’s a new record.
WARNING: Contains Architecture.
NOTE: This is strangely only the second coolest NY thing I’ll have on OTP today.

The Broadcast Of Comics
So I sent this out to a few people thinking it would get cut but then I didn’t cut it because it’s AMAZING. Warren Ellis has been too busy writing a book to go this batshit in a while but it seems like that means he’s just been storing it all up. I mean webcomics as the broadcast equivalent of graphic novels is maybe the LEAST interesting idea explored in here.
WARNING: Contains Comics.
NOTE: I’m going to be bringing this up again in the future.

Why Fixers Will Save Our Planet
Man just a day after I theorize a difference between DIY manufacturing and survivalist cultures I get a WAAAAAAAY better illustration of that second ethos that I could have ever possibly cooked up myself.
WARNING: Contains DIY tech.
NOTE: I’m going to be honest and say that I haven’t read all of this but I think that it’s WORTH a read which is why I put it in here.

How to Live Cheap and Put Hundreds of Dollars Back in Your Pocket (Without Becoming a Hobo)
Sticking this one here because, as usual for a big Lifehacker post rounding up a bunch of tips, one or two of these seemed interesting. GUESS WHICH ONES.
WARNING: Contains tips for being thrifty.
NOTE: I feel like this makes me feel cheap.

The Ultimate Nerd Guide To New York City
I feel like I already posted this but I also feel like I didn’t know half of these. Also there is no better expression of how little the world lives up to my expectations than the fact that the location of Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum actually just houses a Pinkberry.
WARNING: Contains comics again.
NOTE: Really though I feel like I’ve already done the Sr. Strange joke before even.

Carsten Höller is Putting a Giant Slide in the New Museum
Oh hey look its an EVEN BETTER thing for my NYC friends to do and I’ve given them EVEN MORE lead time.
WARNING: Contains slides.
NOTE: Maybe the most Chris Maguire thing I’ve ever put in OTP?

Real Artists Ship
Not going to lie, it’s my new background at work and I plan on making it the background for my new iPhone.
WARNING: Contains Steve Jobs quotes.
NOTE: Seriously though if the past week has taught me anything it’s that you could probably use more Steve Jobs quotes in your life.

Mixtape of the Lost Decade
I have never NEVER been more upset that somebody beat me to an idea before in my entire life. This is seriously the me-est thing that I’ve ever posted on OTP that I didn’t actually do.
WARNING: Contains one of my favorite Justice videos.
NOTE: Also I think this is one of my favorite concepts ever so I’m not really that angry somebody else did it.


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