Other Ten Percent 10/10/11

Oct 10 2011

So this was an enjoyable weekend where many things occurred. That’s all the summary you’re getting. You’re not going to hear that I had an idea for another party/event thing after this year’s Dance Party at the End of the World is over or that I went up to wine country with Nikki and my parents or that I did a little writing for work. You get NONE OF THAT. You don’t own me and I have the right to a private life. Oh hey, LINKS!

Beyoncé’s “Countdown” Video
You know I saw this around like 500 times when it came out and I kinda skipped it because…lets be honest we’re not going to get Single Ladies again and it’s time to stop watching every Beyonce in the hopes that it will be. Except then it turns out that this video is maybe not Single Ladies good but has a lot to recommend it. It is, chiefly, a dance video and thank God Beyonce has stopped trying to out-Gaga Gaga. That would be enough normally but this also does a directing thing I enjoy where it redeems a video effect that has kinda been discredited by time. In this case it’s the speeding up of video that was filmed at a normal frame rate.
WARNING: Maybe I’m overselling it. Go in with low expectations so it can impress you.
NOTE: Yes yes this is an homage bordering on a rip-off at points. Not really an interesting line of inquiry for me.

Epic family zombie-slaying portrait shoot
I’ve finally joined the legion of people who are actively trying to stamp out this zombie obsession which is why I’ve been actively avoiding posting zombie stuff. However: I’m letting this one pass because it’s pretty damn hilarious. I think it’s the little girl’s outfit that makes it work.
WARNING: Still kinda a zombie thing and won’t be cute in a few years.
NOTE: I kinda want to give them a TV show though.

Makeshift Magazine launches
Ooooh a monthly Favela Chic guidebook. I mean ostensibly that’s also what Make Magazine is but it’s slowly changed into a weird kind of open source manufacturing advocacy which…I guess the first wave of DIY folks kinda did too. As somebody who doesn’t really know shit about electronics I feel like Makeshift is more likely to help me when Ragnarok comes.
WARNING: Ragnarok is not actually coming.

Posting this to remind myself to look into using this for Other Ten Percent but maybe you guys are also looking to start a newsletter of your very own in which case this would proably be super helpful for you as well.
WARNING: You are almost certainly not looking for this information and it’s just for me.
NOTE: I really haven’t looked into it much so maybe it’s not even useful for me.

U.S. military drones hit by computer virus
Man so not only is this your daily singularity warning it’s maybe the creepiest one yet. So creepy in fact that I expect most of you have already seen it. Don’t care, still posting it. In other news this also makes the unmanned drones that will target people without human interference EVEN CREEPIER.
NOTE: This also raises some serious issues about the attacker advantage in security and highly advanced weaponry. If it’s way more expensive to manufacture one of these things then it is to take control of it then you’ve effectively spent millions of bucks on a combatant that’s relatively easy to “turn” and that’s…maybe not a great plan.

It’s Caturday!
Going to go ahead and declare that this thing is the best use of In the Hall of the Mountain King you’re going to see all day. In a related note it’s maybe the only cat video that REALLY needs sound that you’ll see all week.
WARNING: Contains cat.
NOTE: That’s cool though, people love cats. That’s what the internet taught me.


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