Other Ten Percent 10/7/11

Oct 07 2011

Man so this week has been pretty crazy huh? With the new phones and the death of Steve Jobs and the widespread protests that seem to be in the process of transforming from an unfocused mess into an actual thing but maybe they’re not who knows?…yep that’s how I’m summing up this week. Have you ever thought about how weird it is that disparate movements of history sometimes happen at the same time? Because it just occurred to me today that Occupy SF marching down Market Street and people going to the Apple Store to mourn Steve Jobs are both (slightly irritating I must admit) things that could conceivably end up in history books and despite having NOTHING to do with each other they happened within feet from each other on the very same day. Oh right, I also have links I collected from the internet for you guys.

Your New Favorite Flickr Feed of the Day
I love that this simultaneously makes me REALLY want to go to this haunted house and ensures that I will never ever go to there. Also, I kinda love the last picture on this page and really wish I knew the narrative behind how it exists.
WARNING: Contains pictures of people being so terrified you might be terrified by proxy.
NOTE: This link’s warning assumes that terrified by proxy is an actual thing I didn’t just make up.

The Benjamin Franklin Effect
Okay so I already kinda wanted to try this trick but writing a blog post about it that doubles as a really awesome mini-bio of Benjamin Franklin pretty much guarantees that I’ll be using it HEAVILY.
WARNING: Maybe don’t blog about this trick and say you’ll be using it or else you won’t be able to use it as much.
NOTE: Unless I’m totally okay with you knowing that I think you hate me. Do me a favor guys: forget I ever posted this.

MAKE’s Exclusive Interview with Bre Pettis of MakerBot: Life, $10M in Funding, and Beyond
So some earlier portion of the Makerbot press blitz that’s been going on for the last month or so impressed Bruce Sterling enough that he posted it on his blog and one of his parenthetical asides was a joke about how Makerbot has clearly hired a PR guy. Only that’s no joke because judging by this interview Bre has finally sorted the next step in getting interviewed about the Makerbot: comparisons to the early years of personal computing at every opportunity but stop repeating yourself so much.
WARNING: Still nothing new here for most of us. We were kinda ground floor on this thing. Prepare to tell kids about this stuff.
NOTE: It is adorable that Bre makes his kid toys from a 3D printer.

Math Girls novel is “Glee for math nerds”
I didn’t read enough of this to really see how the Glee comparison was apt but I DID read enough of this to know that it’s fucking awesome. If I still did the personalized Christmas gifts list this would probably end up on there somewhere. I’m guessing it would go to Josie weirdly enough.
WARNING: Math. That’s why the Josie assigning is weird.
NOTE: The math is pretty awesome though actually.

Science fiction writers have a job, and it’s time to do it, says Neal Stephenson
I’m generally pretty skeptical of conscious attempts at artistic movements. ESPECIALLY ones that are throwbacks to earlier time periods. However I’m really hoping that this one pans out since I’ve kinda thought for some time that the dystopian streak in modern sci-fi was something of a self-fulfilling prophesy.
WARNING: Contains discussion of science fiction.
NOTE: I Really need to read the new Stephenson novel sometime soon.

Visible Tom Waits
Guys, GUYS. I’m going to be honest with you. This link is really just an excuse to test out a theory and make sure I’m not stealing it from anywhere. That theory is this: Tom Waits sped up 200% = Randy Newman. Randy Newman slowed down 200% = Tom Waits
WARNING: I’m really sorry if that theory works as well on you as it does on me.
NOTE: Really the second part of that theory is just the self-explanatory corollary of the first part but I wanted to make sure we were all on the same page.

How to Memorize Anything You Want: A Quick Primer on Mental Mapping
So I wanted to post this because I’ve long been fascinated by Mental Maps and Memory Palaces and this seems like a great primer to actually give it a try. I think I’ll be kicking this around this weekend at some point. However I also wanted to post this for a second reason. Mental Maps and Memory Palaces are really great band names.
WARNING: Don’t be too disappointed when you figure out they’re really just complicated schemes for mnemonics.
NOTE: mnemonic is spelled really weird.

Toothpaste for Dinner
I’m ending today’s OTP with maybe the most functional trick I’ve ever posted.
WARNING: It’s actually just a comic.
NOTE: But it’s STILL a great trick.


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