Other Ten Percent 9/28/11

Sep 28 2011

Man it is so weird to me that September is almost over. Still trying to nail down a venue for the Dance Party at the End of the World but I’m starting to think it may just be at my place or something. I dunno. It’s been a weird couple of weeks. I sorta feel like I needed a vacation after my vacation to get shit together but I think that’s probably a pretty common feeling after a vacation for a lot of people. Anyway I have some links for you guys today and I think you’re going to enjoy them.

Skyhooking: rural postal mail artifact, 1949
Okay let’s get this out of the way quickly. Yes Skyhooking either needs to be a weird sex position or a hilarious dance move. Resolved. Putting that aside I kind of want to take a moment to say that while this was weird and not really cost effective it isn’t actually THAT weird in the grand schemes of forms of communication and I’m sort of surprised it didn’t have a bigger heyday.
WARNING: Contains history and also mail.
NOTE: Also contains planes though and planes are basically always awesome.

Live at the Bell House: Part 1
Alan Alda, Kristen Schaal, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson walk into a podcast, a kind of over-produced podcast to be perfectly honest, but let’s be honest Alan Alda shows up with Kristen Schaal to a thing and it’s pretty much a solid time.
WARNING: They talk about space a lot though so if you hate space this probably isn’t too great.
NOTE: If you hate space then get out of my life.

Things Could Be Worse
Okay basically all of these are brilliant and even if we are all going to have personal favorites the project projects that kind of annoying brilliance where you sort of constantly think you totally not only could have but SHOULD HAVE thought of that before they did.
WARNING: Or maybe that’s just me because I’m a dick and you’ll just find it hilarious. Millage may vary and all that.
NOTE: Not going to lie the Vanilla one actually just depresses me a little.

The Top 10 Books Lost to Time
This is a weird top ten list because it starts at number one and then goes to progressively more boring and niche books. HOWEVER It also is a really interesting list because it actually does a good job of digging up why these works would be of interest to scholars beyond “oh man wouldn’t it be cool to have another Shakespeare play.” The result is a list that is weirdly not written at all for a wide audience that actually has something for a wide audience to learn. Some people would call that a “badly written” I would just say that it is OTP material.
WARNING: Am I the only person who is often struck by a desire to make a buddy cop movie staring Shakespear and Cervantes? The answer…is almost certainly yes.
NOTE: For the curious they have to team up to fight Sir Francis Bacon who is trying to take credit for all their shit.

This Month’s Architectural Record is an Ode to NYC
So I’ve been trying to link to more things directly but the little piece explaining the Architectural Record issue does a much better job of setting up why you should read all of it (and there is a TON of it) than I could ever do. I can say however that it does a really fantastic job of sketching out why New York is awesome…and also sometimes not quite so awesome.
WARNING: Architecture.
NOTE: Let’s face it I should stop warning you about that because you’d have just stopped reading this at all if you needed that warning.

History of Graphic Design Avant Garde
Short, interesting, and cool looking. The OTP hat trick. Have a well designed look at the history of Avante Garde design in thirty seconds or less.
WARNING: You probably know all of this already.
NOTE: I want to make a t-shirt that just says “De Stijl: it’s not just a White Stripes album anymore.” Preferably with this as the background. The clever to actually funny ratio on that makes the target audience…just me.

Dude! It’s this delightful deep brown, kind of a burnt umber
Why do aliens always show up and test you on really awkward and humiliating things your species has done in the past. Wait is that just me? And was that actually just my history teacher? This comic would suggest otherwise.
WARNING: M-m-m-mummies!
NOTE: Mummies for art would be a good band name.


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