Other Ten Percent 9/26/11

Sep 26 2011

Gah, I know that the drop in the number of days a week I do this has not really come along with a huge increase in other output. It’s mostly been shuffled into making life less stressful so far which, in my defense, I’ve really needed. Stressful work week when I got back from New York and then I’ve been feeling kinda sick all week this week. Hopefully things will settle down and I’ll actually be productive. Until then, my internets: let me show you them.

Andy Samberg Impersonates Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook F8
While I was impressed by how much better Zuckerberg has gotten at his Steve Jobs impression during the actual keynote I still sort of think that he should have just let Samberg handle the whole thing since this was far and away the best part of the Facebook presentation.
WARNING: Contains impressions within impressions.
NOTE: It’s almost kafkaesque in a way.

Jazwares Rolls Out ‘Adventure Time’ Toy Images
Yes. I will take all of these. I will take all of these toys. Actually I kind of just want the plush version of jake that says (almost certainly) hilarious things when you hit it. I also kind of want the sword though. Jane will probably find this information useful for Christmas shopping.
WARNING: Contains children’s toys.
NOTE: For AWESOME children. Mathematical!

A Spatial History of Trapdoors
I think I respect BLDGBlog because it totally succeeds at a writing style I totally aspire to and I think the best way to express that style is “Here’s an amazing book somebody else should write because it’s an interesting unexamined subject matter but I’ve got enough going on.” Here we have a brief history of trap doors. Somebody should totally write about that. Me and the BLDGblog guy are kinda swamped.
WARNING: “Forget it Jake, It’s China Town.”
NOTE: I just wanted to bridge the last two links with that quote really. It works…but not well enough.

During World War I, France began building a fake Paris to confuse German bombers
It’s kind of a shame that France always gets its ass kicked in wars because it has great plans. Ask France about the time it tried to fight off the Prussians with hot air balloons.
WARNING: Contains visions of a much cooler WWI.
NOTE: I kinda want France to just do this today actually. It would gain them nothing but it’d be cool. Maybe it could be a second Paris just for tourists?

Danger Planet, An Animated Sci-Fi Short
This kinda reads to me like the Spaceman Spiff adventure that finally got Susie to like Calvin. In fact I’m officially retconning it as that. It is also in the same universe as this fan comic.
WARNING: Does not actually have anything to do with Calvin and Hobbes.
NOTE: It’s still really good.

talking on the radio / the internet with things
This does a really good job of expressing why I’m disillusioned with current plans for an internet of things and what I hope that ends up evolving into. I especially like the idea of a “Geocities of things.”
WARNING: Contains a lot of theory stuff you’re probably already familiar with from reading this blog…thing.
NOTE: Still worth a read though…advanced readers just might want to speed read until they get past the Arduino part.

HOWTO get a DIY education and credentials online
I have not had time to read this to see if it’s actually any good but with the not as slow as you might think collapse of higher education continuing apace I’m interested in this sort of stuff whenever I find it. We need to build new structures fast. Hell if we work fast enough maybe the old structures can steal them and not totally collapse.
WARNING: Probably not.
NOTE: A Doctorow free ebook jam so if it sucks don’t blame me.


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