Other Ten Percent 9/23/11

Sep 23 2011

Man this week continues to be way too busy and I’m still trying to get the hang of doing the three times a week schedule up right. It’s cool guys, I believe in me. Do you believe in me? Is this helping at all or does it just seem like a terrible idea?

FPS With a Camera of the Day
And now for what may be the single most Brechtian concept for a videogame in human history. Not a lot of competition for that I realize but it still needed to be said: the very most.
WARNING: Contains graphic images of war.
NOTE: But you’re supposed to think about them and shit so that’s new.

Report card stories
Man, so this is totally going to get made into an irritatingly sweet movie in the next few years. Get in on the ground floor when it’s as interesting as it is insufferably sweet.
WARNING: Insufferably sweet.
NOTE: I mean…also kinda bittersweet but still.

Free/open software to run your election campaign
It has not been a particularly great week for my faith in America or democracy or humanity (on a related note: a special fuck you to the state of Georgia this week. It’s been a while since I’ve actively hated you but you really earned it this week) but this did actually make me think that our electoral system might be salvageable after all in the long term. At least for a few minutes.
WARNING: You have to run for office to really get a lot of use out of this one.
NOTE: Sorry to be a super big bummer with this one. The link itself will cheer you up.

Shop Uniqlo Online (kind of)
I became a pretty big Uniqlo fan on my last trip to New York, they’re like an H&M that specializes in basics and doubles the quality for an extra 15%. The only problem with them is that they have exactly one store in the US and it’s in New York (it will soon be three but they’ll all be in New York) and they don’t have an online story. So this service that will basically buy stuff at Uniqlo and ship it to you is probably the best way for non NYC OTP readers to get ahold of their stuff.
WARNING: The service costs $10 so I’m going to hope Uniqlo gets their long-rumored online store together before I’m tempted to use it but for a lot of stuff I want to buy Uniqlo’s STILL cheaper than local options with an extra $10.
NOTE: Still doing this. Still making fashion posts.

Things Apple is Worth More Than
Like all Tumblrs this one’s kinda inconsistent but there’s some real comedy gold in here.
WARNING: The ones comparing Apple to entire industries are actually just kinda depressing.
NOTE: I do love that Apple is worth more than the drug trade though.

Unsolved Mysteries From 1948: “The Body on Somerton Beach”
NOTE: But also, awesome.

Hydraulic typewriter mixes cocktails out of the letters you type
Oh man, speaking of awesome just look at this thing. I know that there are more advanced/better DIY booze mixing projects than this but the look and feel of this one and the fact that you’re making drinks using typewriter keys? BRILLIANT.
WARNING: Contains alcohol.
NOTE: I wonder if it would be worse or better if you could type in a drink and it would mix it for you. I kinda like how low tech it is but at the same time I want to be all like MANHATTAN and have one pop out.


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