Other Ten Percent 9/21/11

Sep 21 2011

So I had an extremely interesting and good (but super weird) day at work and now I’ve got to run off to have a birthday dinner with Nikki. So I hope you’ll excuse the fact that today’s commentary may be a little bit abbreviated. In exchange I’ve found you guys nine whole links.

Biggy Smalls VS Thomas the tank engine
I’m going to go ahead and call this one the single most hilarious mash-up you’ll listen to all day. I mean the crunk Sex on Fire one with Gucci Mane was alright but this one is basically sheer comic genius. Even better it gets the hell out of dodge when the joke stops being funny.
WARNING: It’s Biggy so…maybe don’t blare this out of your work speakers.
NOTE: I mean if you think you won’t get fired you should TOTALLY blare this out of your work speakers because that’d be awesome but…fair warning.

Characters From Other TV Shows Visit The Office
You know after even the Lonely Island skit I saw was kinda mediocre (the William H. Macy joke was pretty inspired admittedly but that was about it) I kinda assumed the Emmys were just a wash. Apparently not though as the Office produced a Skit funnier than the show has been since 2009.
WARNING: Now I want to see the inevitable Office/Parks & Recreation mashup EVEN MORE.
NOTE: As far as I’m concerned the Breaking Bad crossover is canon for Creed’s character.

Well This Is Sufficiently Terrifying of the Day
I know I do AR posts a lot. I know I do daily singularity warning posts a lot. This shit combines the two into one terrifying package though. We are apparently like 2 years away from just live editing everybody’s face like that one part in Infinite Jest. A part that I always thought was frankly kinda janky on the sci-fi front…UNTIL NOW.
NOTE: Yeah I can’t wait to see the military applications of this.

Pico Projector + Light Fixture + Free Code = Desktop Spherical Display
I was going to cut this but I thought maybe people would need a like…AR cooldown post. Just a quick little thing to let you know that technology is still sorta fun and not 100% nightmare fuel.
WARNING: Limited usefulness.
NOTE: Still really pretty though and the fact that you can cobble it together out of spare parts basically adds cool points.

Time-Lapse Video Orbiting Earth From The International Space Station
You know I was kind of on the fence about adding another time-lapse video as well but I’ll be damned if this thing doesn’t have a time-lapse view of a GIGANTIC lightning storm as seen from space and…well how do you say no to that?
WARNING: You’ll still kinda be annoyed that it’s time-lapse but only because you won’t want it to be over that quickly.
NOTE: Honestly just seeing the lights of major cities at night might have been enough to keep it on here.

Supercut of the Day
Man I’m just taking back every promise today because now I’m posting a Supercut. HOWEVER this one is more than just a bunch of similar scenes edited together. The only unifying aspect here is an after-effects added Tom Selleck mustache added to EVERY POSSIBLE MOVIE.
WARNING: As usual with a supercut some of these work better than others.
NOTE: I still totally want this to be the special effects sensation that replaces 3D movies though.

Gallery of past and future logos
I’m basically linking this for the Nokia ice-burn alone but a lot of these are pretty inspired.
WARNING: Contains Starbucks jokes and I think we all know that the Onion kinda did the best one of those ever with the old “sinister phase two” article years ago.
NOTE: The Gap one is kinda an easy joke too but I’ll be damned if I didn’t laugh.

Bill Cunningham New York
I’ve been trying to hide behind functionally useful fashion stuff but I think it’s time to just admit that I’m going to be posting fashion related items a lot more often. So here’s a movie you can instant watch about fashion photography.
WARNING: Fashion.
NOTE: That’s right. I’m doing this. In fact, here’s another fashion movie.

The science and ethics of digital war
So I was going to use this as an opportunity to make fun of Xeni since she reposted this and didn’t do nearly as good of a job with her commentary but then I actually read the article and I didn’t really care as much anymore about Xeni because the article is FASCINATING AND TERRIFYING.
WARNING: Unmanned arial drones killing people with no human intervention you guys. WE ARE MAKING ROBOTS THAT DECIDE TO SHOOT AND KILL PEOPLE ON THEIR OWN.
NOTE: I love that we’ve finally found a technology crazy enough that we’re concerned about the ethical issues BEFORE we build it.


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