Other Ten Percent 9/19/11

Sep 19 2011

Do you guys know what day it is!? It is Monday! I don’t know why I’m excited by that. Anyway after a nice relaxing weekend it is back to ye olde grind with me so hopefully I’ll still be in a good mood in a day or two when I’m writing the next one of these. How about you guys? Did you have a nice weekend? I feel like I never ask how you’re doing anymore it’s all just me me me.

Ojai Valley Taxidermy TV Commercial of the Day
I know this is a pretty widespread meme by now. Don’t care. I know Xeni Jardin has some weak evidence this guy is a nazi. Don’t care. I know that this thing is kind of knowingly trying to be funny. Still don’t care. Still love it.
WARNING: In case you wanted to try the best Chuck Testa mashup joke has already been made.
NOTE: Chuck Testa is totally cool with being a meme which helps.

HOWTO track down a con-artist
I read part one and then I had to stop myself from reading all the others so I could actually get this done today. Anyway the point is that it’s really interesting and I kinda hope somebody tries to con me just so I can do it myself.
WARNING: Contains detective work.
NOTE: Not going to lie, my favorite parts about journalism could probably be described as “pretending to be a detective.”

Possible Ocean on Pluto of the Day
So this is creepy to me only because of the weird Lovecraft thing where there are eyeless yeti people on pluto (which hadn’t even been discovered yet when he wrote about them) and so if there’s water now we can all be utterly terrified of the eyeless yeti beasts lying in wait to kill us when we come visit.
WARNING: Almost certainly not really though. But just like the bloop showing up right near R’lyeh it still weirds me out.
NOTE: But maybe though.

Augmented Reality: CrowdOptic crowd behavior analytics
So the most distressing thing about press releases is that they actually make genuinely interesting things seem boring. Take this for example. You have to read through a whole bunch of self-aggrandizing bullshit to figure out this is some next generation video analysis shit that basically makes it possible to crowd source REAL LIFE at sporting events in order to find the location of the most interesting action in the stadium. Within a year or two sporting events will be able to determine their own best angles for the TV broadcast just by seeing what everybody is looking at.
NOTE: I am totally right.

How to Fold a Pocket Square
I think that I’m the only guy that reads this that ever wears a pocket square and I generally just kinda stuff it in there but I still find this fascinating just because it’s a really detailed artform that even I don’t really have a use for.
WARNING: It’s basically just origami.
NOTE: I really like the three stairs one.

Travel Back in Time to Usenet 30 Years Ago
I know that retro-aesthetics from 30 years ago are really nothing new (hello 80s nostalgia) but at the same time I’m fascinated by the recent wave of internet nostalgia with all the old school signifiers of outmoded technology recontextualized as like some weird form of authenticity.
WARNING: I once again sort of went off on a tangent. This is just a fun experiment with old-school design and archiving.
NOTE: It may not shock you to learn that 30 years ago the internet was kinda boring.

Antonio Tony could see dead people.
T-Rex establishes an even better premise for a movie than John Hodgman’s brilliant “All Animals Versus All Humans.”
WARNING: Contains a thorough explanation of how the premise of seeing dead people would actually play out.
NOTE: Then the aliens show up.


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