Other Ten Percent 9/16/11

Sep 16 2011

So in the future when I decide to totally retool my sources so I can find way more great stuff for you guys and really kick things into overdrive…I should probably schedule some time to actually do that stuff in BEFORE I announce it. Fun facts. Anyway I’ve done okay this week at finding stuff and I’m trying to keep the commentary a little meatier than before but I’m sad to say that I’ve only got six posts for today and many of them are of the “old standby” variety. Anyway enough talking shit about these links. Let’s get to why they’re awesome.

Debating Human Enhancement
I’ve only read about half of these (busy day) but so far I’m kinda surprised how much they’re negative Nancys about human enhancement. Cyborgs people! Cyborgs are already among us and they’re awesome. I take the point that futzing about with your own biology can have dangerous side effects but I’m pretty sure we already crossed that line a while back.
WARNING: Contains post-human debates and a lot of words about them.
NOTE: It’s weird how much the anti-transhumanist arguments mirror anti-internet arguments circa like…1990. Everybody always seems so concerned that technology will lead to some sort of robotic future where nobody ever communicates when that’s….basically never happened in the history of technology. I mean you could make an argument for television I suppose but even then we found ways to be social about a largely individual medium that didn’t much care about the viewer.

Thought I’d let you guys know about this since you can sign up for the beta right now. Not sure what the quality is going to be like on it but it does seem like yet another interesting journalism alternative and I’ve been collecting those lately. I like emphasizing the physicality of this as some sort of amazing selling point. In a world where events are the new magazines making every magazine “an event” seems like a decent strategy for saving the magazine format.
WARNING: Probably only good if you think Good is good.
NOTE: Approximately 80% of the reason I posted this is so I could make that joke.

Octopus Kites
Man I’m sort of amazed I haven’t seen this thing around town already. It sorta seems like fate would just decree that I should find this thing floating around Ocean Beach one day instead of seeing it on the internet. Anyway I like how surreal the thing seems, like David Lynch made a kite or something. Speaking of have you guys seen David Lynch’s album cover? Because that thing is basically the Lynch-iest thing ever…kinda got off on a tangent there.
WARNING: Contains video of this thing at Burning Man. Almost closed the tab right then and there.
NOTE: Okay let’s get this out of the way now. Yes, Octopus Kites is my new band name.

Getting airfare bargains like a travel ninja
You know what I feel like I used to do all the time that I don’t do anymore and I miss? Posting things not so much for what they are but as a representative of a larger class of stuff on the internet. Take this post for example. As a tutorial about getting cheap airfare…it’s alright. But is it just me or has it been a big week for this kind of stuff? Maybe I’m just seeing airline stuff because PCWorld had me do a quick review of Google’s new Flight Search (tl;dr: It’s really nicely coded but the results kinda suck for now so keep using Kayak for a while yet.) but I also saw a post like this on lifehacker and some more tips on another blog. It’s like the whole internet has gone travel crazy.
WARNING: Link may cause you to go travel crazy.
NOTE: Of course I already went on my vacation so there’s no real risk of me going travel crazy unless…

Maker Faire New York: John Hodgman to Reveal Secrets of Famous Magic Tricks
Oh great now I have to turn right back around and go to New York again this weekend. COME ON. Alright not really but I seriously want to pretty badly. Almost as badly as I want to dress up as John Hodgman in this one specific picture for Halloween.
WARNING: Contains a ridiculous picture of John Hodgman
NOTE: As Jane said the picture should be the model for the portrait of every person I know. Including the mustache regardless of gender.

The Complete History of Time Paradoxes
So the most fun thing about these overviews of sci-fi concepts in history (and I have finally figured out that I’m loving this format because it’s pretty similar to the one I settled into for Great Moments in Alternate History so if you had September 15th in that betting pool then congratulations) is the super old stuff. Like just read to the part where they explain the first time paradox story and tell me that isn’t awesome.
WARNING: Contains a fan trailer that in turn contains Jennifer Anniston.
NOTE: When did I start to hate Jennifer Anniston? In my mellow mid twenties it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.


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