Other Ten Percent 9/14/11

Sep 14 2011

So the good news is that I did in fact get a decent amount of non-OTP work done on Monday. The bad news is that I’m still doing this tired good news bad news format for the my intros. Wait. No. The bad news is that because I work out in the morning and then go to work and then go to dinner with Jane and then run TV club it is difficult to really put in the extra effort on OTP on a tuesday evening. HOWEVER, because I love all of you so much I’m really going to try and give this my all in the future if not like…literally today. Because once again I only have six of these. I hope that’s enough. STOP PRESSURING ME.

It’d be great to have an app that remembered how you found cool stuff online
One of the things that fascinates me about the internet is the fact that as we’ve rapidly expanded our ability to figure out how to do things we’ve WAY MORE QUICKLY expanded the number of things we ought to be doing. So stuff like this that ought to exist actually doesn’t and that’s weirdly fascinating.
WARNING: This is why start-up culture exists.
NOTE: Sometimes that’s not a bad thing but I stand by the warning.

If This Then That, New Service Lets Users Automate the Internet
It’s like applescripting for the internet!
WARNING: Applescripting kinda sucked.
NOTE: But seriously though I really want to try this thing it sees like it’d be really awesome.

THREE PANELS OPEN: Esquivel Godlewski Cody Barajas
Warren Ellis has been doing this weird thing where he lets random artists tell three panel stories lately. In general it’s an expeirment I love but it’s also a super random experiment. Anyway, this is by far the best of them in my opinion.
WARNING: Contains mysticism.
NOTE: Tongue in cheek mysticism.

So this is supposed to be like this sarcastic old Disney memo based on “The Great Mouse Detective” where an animator angrily mocks how literal that title is except that I sort of like his sarcastic literal titles way better on some of these.
WARNING: I want to make a story called The Girl Who Seemed to Die.
NOTE: The Girl With the See-Through Shoes.

Sade for People Who Think Listening to Sade Is “Soft”
I can’t stop laughing at this.
WARNING: You will not be able to stop laughing at this either and that’s racist.
NOTE: Seriously though, hilarious.

David Lynch Designs New Nightclub in Paris
I thought this was just going to be like a David Lynch-esque nightclub and that was going to be awesome enough but then it turned out it was actually David Lynch.
WARNING: As creepy as it sounds.
NOTE: As Awesome as it sounds.


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