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Sep 12 2011

So my trip from New York has finally ended and I’m typing this on a rather janky (and expensive) wireless connection on the flight back to SF. The bad news of the week is that the Kickstarter for the Dance Party at the End of the World has failed. I timed it badly and it never got the exposure I needed it to for various reasons. The good news is I’m not actually that discouraged by the failure. I’ve got a plan B that I think should be pretty viable (smaller space just for the people I know, really plan ahead to scale it up next year) and I’m really excited by the things I saw in New York that I want to steal for various projects (more on all that in a bit). The real revelation of New York however came from actually clearing enough time in my schedule to sit down and think about what I’m doing for the first time in a few months and finding that I actually like that experience. I’ve got a lot of projects I want to work on but I’ve got to shove them in during what little downtime I’ve got and that hasn’t been working all that well.

So effective immediately OTP is going to go to a Monday Wednesday Friday schedule. I talked about this with a lot of people in NY and the general consensus was that at five times a week a lot of people have to end up skipping days now and again to keep up and the whole thing has sorta become a grind for everybody. If you’re disappointed by this news don’t worry too much. If anything I’m hoping that a retooling of my RSS reader and some more time to really hand-pick what makes it in will result in more links per individual OTP that are a bit more off the beaten path than the stuff I’ve been posting lately. To be honest even my interests have drifted away from the stream of cat videos and examples of the future being unevenly distributed. I have a few veins of weirdness I want to explore (along with doubling down on some of the weirder things I haven’t really put the proper amount of time into exploring) and if nothing else you can expect a new boring status quo before too long.

In short you’ll still hopefully see somewhere between 25 and 30 links a week but you’ll only get three e-mails in your inbox. Meanwhile, when you guys are reading on M/W/F I’ll be writing other stuff. Everything from attempting to get some freelancing done outside of the tech world to writing some stand-up/sketches to actually doing some scripts again, starting with a retooled first issue of Dorothy Parker. Please excuse the mess while these changes take hold. I’ve only got seven links for you today for instance but I’m excited about what’s next and hopefully you guys will enjoy it too.

Bloody Play
Guys, let’s start with the clear highpoint of my trip to New York. I loved seeing my friends again and I had a ton of fun evenings and did a lot of great things (MoMA was great on Friday for instance) but Sleep No More was maybe the single most remarkable work of wart I’ve ever seen IN MY LIFE. I can’t even really describe here just what makes it so incredible and God knows you don’t need the long version when I’ve already written 500 words just in the introduction. But suffice it to say it works something like my grad project on a massive scale and budget (take a look at these pictures to have some idea of how gorgeous the whole thing was and the kind of work that went into it) and with, as this article implies, a way better handle on game design than I’ve got.
WARNING: I am literally not going to shut up about Sleep No More for YEARS. It is going to influence every live event I do from now on and I’m going to go see it every time I’m in New York until they close it.
NOTE: They give you these cool masks that you have to walk around in during the show and I tried to bring mine back with me but then Airport security was not thrilled to find something that looks like this in my bag so they made me throw it away. :(

Yelping with Cormac, Cormac McCarthy Yelp Reviews by EDW Lynch
Christ I really hope I’ll be able to shut the hell up for the rest of these. I’m starting to run out of battery power. Anyway, while this is a great little bit on its own but I kinda wish they could actually function as a review a bit more effectively.
WARNING: I’m going to stop being overly critical of links soon guys.
NOTE: For now I’m still putting up a few things that I like but I’m not obsessed with.

The First Shared Universes
I’m really loving these posts io9 is doing lately about the history of really specific genre constructions. A lot of my grad work was based on the idea that all of these things we think of as new mass media forms are actually SUPER old so we can find models for them without too much difficulty but io9 does a way better job of making that interesting.
WARNING: Very long post.
NOTE: Also I wish they’d gone a bit more into say, Lovecraft, who was HUUUUGE into shared universes.

Sparrow Sound
Nikki just sent me this I think just because she knew I’d enjoy that it had Batman in itand I decided to include it because I can’t even tell you how much I loved the Flash one of these. As Nikki said it’s SUPER futurist. The whole thing is really.
WARNING: Contains Superheroes
NOTE: Still though the art isn’t very comic-y so take a look.

Made By Hand #1: The Distiller
As I believe I mentioned last week I had Gin from the Breuckelen Distilling Company and I was a fan. This video makes me even more of a fan. As does their name which always makes me think of like being too drunk to pronounce Brooklyn right.
WARNING: May contain alcohol.
NOTE: I meant does. Does contain alcohol.

Every crazy CIA plot you’ve heard of originated with one man
Why do they never make movies about the people that are genuinely fucking weird enough for you to want them too? I mean like “let’s make a movie about the guy that did all the weird CIA chemical experiments” should be an instant greenlight but NOOOOOOO.
WARNING: Contains terrible human beings.
NOTE: But awesome stories about terrible humans.

Quintetto, a Fish-Controlled Music Ensemble
I’ll be honest, I like how this looks way more than I like the ostensible point of the whole thing. However it’s aesthetically pleasing enough that the music part not really working becomes almost a weird sort of joke.
WARNING: Contains fish.
NOTE: The musical aspect isn’t that bad I just wanted to be excited by it.

Messed-Up Moose of the Day
Man if you want to enjoy your entire day then whenever you’re like tragically stuck doing something you don’t like just try to imagine the thought process of this moose instead. It’s pretty much fun for the whole family.
WARNING: Contains a drunk moose.
NOTE: I should just make the warning for every post.


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