Other Ten Percent 9/9/11

Sep 09 2011

Oh man. They give you WAAAAY too many fries at Five Guys even when you say “small fries.” How did I ever eat that without just going into a coma for a say. What who? Fashion Night Out? I…okay I’ll go get free booze. Wait you mean right now? Oh shit okay I will write OTP then.

Arduino hack imitates Pixar’s living lamp, disses IKEA in the process (video)
I mean this obviously is just a Pixar homage but it also sorta makes me wonder if it’s possible to have a future where things are “alive” in a much more literal sense than most embedded computing theorists think about them. Having a mirror that tells you what the weather is like is one thing but having the living appliances from Beauty and the Beast is another.
WARNING:…actually we’ll probably want to not have it progress that far or else the whole thing will feel like slavery.
NOTE: Wait, some people will probably be into that. I hate people, I’m with the sentient lamps.

It’s spam art for a new generation. That new generation of course recognizes signifiers of the digital world leaking out into the real world though and so the creepy undercurrents of the whole thing are not lost on them.
WARNING: Bad art in an objective sense.
NOTE: That actually just makes it even more hilarious.

The Pop-Up Restaurants of San Francisco
I’m going to go to all of the restaurants. All of them. Actually probably not because they are almost certainly fucking expensive but I’ll be going to a fair number of them I’ll tell you that right now.
WARNING: Contains delicious infographics.
NOTE: I’ve kinda been making the argument that for all of the MANY things New York wins at San Francisco wins at restaurants in the oh-so-important-to-people-our-age $30 to $50 per person range. Because that’s where the widespread availability of WAAAAAAY better ingredients can best be utilized by people who know how to cook way better than you but not so much better that the ingredients no longer matter that much. This is proving a somewhat controversial assertion.

VENUS PATROL: charting a new course for videogame culture
I thought about just waiting and posting when Venus Patrol innevitably launches because I never get much feedback on if you guys care about the video games coverage that I do (editors note: do you?) but the rewards for literally a dollars donation on this are good enough that I thought you guys might be interested.
WARNING: Not just games coverage but indie games coverage.
NOTE: Brandon Boyer is a legitimately great games journalist though. One of a handful I can name that is actually pushing that area of tech journalism forward past the interesting but played out Hunter S. Thompsonian Old Man Murray phase.

Reconstructing lost memories of a bike crash, with GPS
Today in Favela Chic news (man it’s been a while for that tag) we now live in a future where it’s more effective on basically every level for you to investigate your own accidents than for a central authority to do it for you. As personal data collection continues to rise and funding for government services continues to get cut everywhere we think 51% or more of the voting population might not care too much in the next election who wants to guess if that trend will get more or less common.
WARNING: More…the answer is more common.
NOTE: Given that we will probably keep enough police around to investigate the big name crimes I am…well not okay with that but less concerned than I am about any number of things about the future. All that future needs is a structure that lets civilian investigations interface with the police without being more paperwork for the police and a weeks long headache for the civilian. A way easier problem to solve than creating a structure to replace the crumbling remains of higher education for instance.

The Hairpin made the terrible mistake of letting me know there was a whole “mysteries” catagory on Wikipedia and it’s only by sheer force of will and some MASS tab killing that I managed to escape wasting my entire day reading it.
WARNING: You will seriously waste your entire day reading this if you are not careful.
NOTE: Who knew Japan has so many intensely interesting crimes.


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