Other Ten Percent 9/7/11

Sep 07 2011

Christ a lot of people just held their good material over labor day weekend because like it’s barely 9am where I’m usually writing this stuff and I have to VISCIOUSLY cut this stuff down to get to just seven entries. Since I still have to get dressed and get some lunch before I go to a Daily Show taping that means that there probably won’t be all that much of my brilliant and sparkling wit to accompany each link today. Sorry guys, I’m on vacation.

In Memoriam of the Day
Louis C.K. talks about George Carlin and it ends up being a pretty remarkable portrait of both their careers. I actually sat through all ten minutes of it so that’s impressive right?
WARNING: Sometimes funny, sometimes not so much with the funny.
NOTE: Also I know what he means by it but C.K. equating himself with Carlin gets kinda weird at one or two points.

Ellis has been doing this guest informants a lot lately as he works on his next novel but this guy is bar far the most fascinating. He’s like a guerilla technological cultural anthropologist and apparantly his life terrifies Warren Ellis so that’s impressive right there.
WARNING: Avoid drunks with guns.
NOTE: Actually all three of his final rules are pretty damn good.

Whose Line Online
Here, have an effectively inexhaustible supply of improv comedy.
WARNING: Contains Drew Carrey.
NOTE: The British one was still really really good and is on here as well.

My Cat the Meteorologist
Man, people got BORED during Irene huh? As usual the only real joke here, and the only one you need, is how bored/upset the cat seems to be.
WARNING: Cat’s cannot get this is one take.
NOTE: Seriously I feel like I keep talking down funny stuff I post on here. Not sure why that is.

Defusable Alarm Clock is Dy-No-Mite
This is a fantastic thing to NEVER EVER travel with.
WARNING: Seriously, you will be thrown in jail for basically forever.
NOTE: Though at least a little bit…worth it.

International terrorist group targets nanotech researchers
Question, is it still just a daily singularity warning when the warning is that somebody has been taking the singularity WAAAAAAAAY too seriously? Because this is like somebody watched too much Fringe and then things went horribly wrong.
WARNING: Seriously, people are getting bombs in the mail for researching things that badly written Sci-fi thinks is too dangerous.
NOTE: And maybe it is dangerous but somehow it seems like bombing nanotech labs is a bad way to make sure that it’s developed with reasonable safety measures.

New York Times’ magic mirror helps you get dressed, puts the ‘wall’ in ‘paywall’ (video)
I can’t ever seem to decide if I actually want an AR mirror or if I think they’re creepy and terrible since nobody seems to have any non-merchandizing use for them. On the other hand it’s a kinect project so I have to post it.
WARNING: The New York Times is now doing futuristic AR stuff. We’re not cool anymore guys.
NOTE: I wonder if these systems will ever stop being really easy to fuck with. It seems like you could just post a logo of another product on a box and then giggle as it told you instructions for the box thus shattering THE MAGIC.


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