Other Ten Percent 8/31/11

Aug 31 2011

I just had to check that August does in fact have 31 days. That’s the sort of condition that my mind is in right now. What I’m trying to tell you is that I am SUPER busy today so I’m trying to get OTP out of the way early while I wait for interviews and such. Anyway, trees are weird. You know who isn’t weird? My awesome parents who, in addition to raising me and just generally being cool, donated 100 bucks to my kickstarter. They are currently in Texas probably single-handedly staving off Global Warming or something. Have fun you guys!

What to Do If You Meet Your Doppelganger
Sometimes, just sometimes, cats know what the deal is you guys. And in this case the deal is that if you see something that looks exactly like you but made out of plastic and filled with Helium. KILL IT.
WARNING: Contains people talking over their cat videos. UGH. Guys, lets stop doing that. Don’t try and make it like your cat isn’t the star because he totally is.
NOTE: I mean especially here. That cat is fucking awesome.

Extreme Sport of the Day
You know I’ve long sensed that there was something lacking at the very core of surfing and it turns out that it’s that surfing can never involve anything being on fire…UNTIL NOW.
WARNING: Contains an interview with the surfer and not the genius who came up with this idea which is pretty much a travesty.
NOTE: Also contains really pretty footage of surfing with flares on the back of the board so maybe just mute it or something if he’s too insufferably surfery for you.

“Cinematic journalism” for mobile devices, from Chris Colin and others
Considering that I’m riding the wave (NICE SEGUE!) of the slow collapse of journalism I’m super interested in new models for the form and for some reason stuff like this, where each story is sort of treated as its own venture, seems like the most likely future for the industry to me. Can’t say I’m super psyched about the all-freelancing future where I’m getting funding for my own news every time but hey, not exactly fair for us to be the one creative profession where you DON’T have to do that.
WARNING: Guys, I like This American Life as much as the next guy but maybe it’s not the ideal tone and format for LITERALLY EVERY STORY?
NOTE: …Or maybe it is? Certainly seems to work well enough here it’s just kinda getting old is all I’m saying.

Beyonce’s baby sends blogosphere into frenzy
Okay this is pretty much the ideal representation of the form. The form being the crazy asian CGI news videos that have been going around for a while now. I’m not sure what my favorite joke is but between Nanny Minaj and Kanye anointing it as the Best Baby Ever there are pretty much no losers here.
WARNING: Prepare for a year of “Destiny’s Child” headlines you guys because every single entertainment journalist on earth is going to come up with that independently and decide they’re the only one clever enough to have considered it.
NOTE: I say somebody refer to it as the pregnancé which is a bit I WISH everybody on earth was doing.

Wow Nobody?
I was going to make this an all video OTP but then Dinosaur Comics happened and something about T-Rex’s disappointment in the last panel just demanded to be included.
WARNING: Contains harsh truths about ice cream.
NOTE: Also, chicken wings.


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