Other Ten Percent 8/30/11

Aug 30 2011

A long day at the start of a long week. Hey guys you know who is awesome though? Still? My good friend Jane St. John who donated to my kickstarter. You know all those stupid scenarios where alien races come along and are going to blow up the earth unless we give them one good reason to keep humanity around. Those sorts of things actually happen all the time and their reason is always the same: Jane. A close second is links on the internet.

Two AI chatBots attempt to have a conversation with each other
So I think Lucy pointed out that this is your daily singularity warning but it’s also a pretty terrifying vision of what the post apocalyptic future is likely to look like. Just two bizarre machine intelligences bantering back and forth about nonsense for all eternity with no human intervention.
WARNING: The part where they start arguing about God is terrifying for reals.
NOTE: This is up for a prize in AI? I mean not that I don’t love it or anything but I sorta feel like I shouldn’t have the modern art “I could have done that” thought about artificial intelligence stuff.

Oh hey, the BLDGblog guy started a new gig at Columbia where he’s going to be having regular events starting next week. Events that include one next thursday that I’ll be going to as long as I’m in town. Who wants to go with me? THE ANSWER SHOULD BE EVERYONE.
WARNING: Contains a LOT of weird architecture things you might be sad you’ll have to miss if you don’t live in NYC.
NOTE: Seriously, tell me if you guys want to come with me to this thing, I’m going to RSVP in the next few days.

A Super Mario Bros version of Portal?!
Unsurprisingly Mario gets pretty easy when you’ve got a portal gun so the built in level editor is probably a good edition to add some difficulty back into the game. Hopefully some people will make some actual puzzle levels with it instead of creating horrible platforming puzzles.
WARNING: Who wants to play VIDEO GAMES?
NOTE: Totally going to play this though.

Benjamin Franklin’s famous “Join, or Die” political cartoon offered at auction
Yet another entry in the list of things I would totally buy the hell out of if I was absurdly rich. You know, just so some douche couldn’t buy it and be totally miss the point.
WARNING: Contains 200+ year old political rhetoric.
NOTE: Oh Benjamin Franklin, you so crazy.

Eyeborg filmmaker fires up eye-cam to document cutting edge prosthetics (video)
WARNING: Seriously there is a terrifying picture of a camera in a dude’s eyesocket right behind that link.
NOTE: I am not kidding around even a little. THIS is your daily singularity warning.


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